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Quotes for
Rusty James (Character)
from Rumble Fish (1983)

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Rumble Fish (1983)
Patterson the Cop: You think you'll understand him?
Rusty James: Yeah, but what I don't understand is why you hate him so much?
Patterson the Cop: I hate him because you kids think he's an idol but he isn't. He is anything else but he is no hero!

The Motorcycle Boy: What's this? Another glorious battle for the kingdom?
Rusty James: Hey, man... I thought you were gone for good.
The Motorcycle Boy: I thought we had a treaty.

Rusty James: How do you know when someone's crazy?
Benny: Well, you don't always. It depends on how many people think they're crazy.

Rusty James: [Rusty James calling The Motorcycle Boy] Hey bro, let's blow!

Father: Are you ill, Russell-James?
Rusty James: I got cut up in a knife fight.
Father: Yeah, really.
Rusty James: Yeah.
Father: Yep, really.
[looking at both boys]
Father: Strange lives you two lead.
Rusty James: Strange? At least I'm not a lawyer on welfare.

Alley Mugger #1: You got any bread?
Rusty James: What?
[guesturing at the 2nd mugger]
Rusty James: He's not gonna bash us even if we got bread?
Alley Mugger #2: Sure, that's it.
Steve: Progressive country. Intergrated mugging.

Rusty James: Hey, man. I really dig the colors!
[referring to the Siamese fighting fish]
The Motorcycle Boy: The colors?
Rusty James: The colors are cool.
The Motorcycle Boy: Uh-huh. Makes me kind of sorry I can't see the colors.
Rusty James: I never thought you were sorry about anything.

The Motorcycle Boy: [he and Steve come across a wounded Rusty]
The Motorcycle Boy: You gotta keep still.
The Motorcycle Boy: [carefully begins to pick up Rusty] You're gonna be okay. Don't move.
Rusty James: You pissed off at me, man?
The Motorcycle Boy: [takes Rusty in his arms]
The Motorcycle Boy: Don't talk. I'll take care of you.

Rusty James: [after realise that their rivals haven't arrived to the fight] I guess we're gonna have to fight ourselves!

Rusty James: I saw that chick, Cassandra. She said she wasn't hooked.
The Motorcycle Boy: Yeah? I believe her. You remember what happened to the people who didn't believe Cassandra?
Father: [mumbling] The Greeks got 'em.
Rusty James: What?
Father: [more clearly] The Greeks Got-'Em.
Rusty James: Man, what the fuck do the Greeks have to do with anything?

Rusty James: Hey, my brother's the coolest.
Patty: Well, you're better than cool. You're warm.

Father: Every now and then, a person comes along, has a different view of the world than does the usual person. It doesn't make them crazy. I mean... an acute perception, man... that doesn't, that doesn't make you crazy.
Rusty James: Could you talk normal?
Father: However sometimes... it can drive you crazy, acute perception.