Ross 'Mitch' Mitchell
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Ross 'Mitch' Mitchell (Character)
from The Dish (2000)

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The Dish (2000)
Ross 'Mitch' Mitchell: That's bullshit. You just bullshitted NASA!

Reporter: No offence, but NASA spends fifteen years, hundreds of millions of dollars so that we can watch man walk on the moon and in the end it falls to you blokes! I mean, how do you feel about that?
Ross "Mitch" Mitchell: A lot better before you opened your trap!

Al Burnett: I stand corrected.
Ross "Mitch" Mitchell: No, you're WRONG!
Al Burnett: Do we have a problem?
Ross "Mitch" Mitchell: Yeah! You treat us like a pack of galahs!
Glenn Latham: That's a type of parrot.

Al Burnett: Not everyone at NASA is a hotshot college genius. The guy I most admire is from a one-horse town in Ohio.
Ross 'Mitch' Mitchell: And what's he do?
Al Burnett: Tomorrow he's gonna walk on the moon.
Glenn Latham: ...Who's the guy?

Al Burnett: The Ambassador's coming. Space nut. Knows everything about Apollo 11.
Ross "Mitch" Mitchell: Does he know where it is?

Rudi Kellerman: What's with the alarm?
Ross 'Mitch' Mitchell: Lets us know it's windy.
Rudi Kellerman: Oh, well I could'a told you that, it's blowin' a bloody gale out there!

[explaining to Janine how the prime receiving stations work]
Glenn Latham: Imagine the earth as a basketball.
Ross 'Mitch' Mitchell: This'll be good.
Glenn Latham: And on top of the basketball there's...
[to Mitch and Cliff]
Glenn Latham: What's the name of the thing you put the pump into?
Ross 'Mitch' Mitchell: A hole.
Glenn Latham: Yeah but it's got a name.
[Mitch shrugs his shoulders]
Glenn Latham: The valve! Imagine on top there's a valve, and on the bottom there's another valve and...
Ross 'Mitch' Mitchell: You know, basketballs only have one valve, Glenn.
Ross 'Mitch' Mitchell: Well, what's something that has two valves?
Ross 'Mitch' Mitchell: Tuba?
Glenn Latham: It's gotta be round.
Ross 'Mitch' Mitchell: Tamborine?
Glenn Latham: That doesn't have valves!
Ross 'Mitch' Mitchell: Coconut!
Cliff Buxton: Mitch!

Glenn Latham: Computer. 20 seconds it does what it used to take me 5 hours on a slide rule.
Ross 'Mitch' Mitchell: And a basketball.