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Victor (Character)
from Local Hero (1983)

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Local Hero (1983)
[approaching Ben Knox's beach shanty]
Mac MacIntyre: Where's the door here?
Gordon Urquhart: There is no door. Just knock on the window.
Mac MacIntyre: How do you do business with a man who has no door?
Victor: The ethics are just the same.

Victor: It's their place, Mac. They have a right to make of it what they can. Besides, you can't eat scenery!

Victor: How are things? I heard about the ceilidh.
Gordon Urquhart: Oh, we've lots to tell you. We've been invaded by America. We're all gonna be rich.
Victor: Really?
Gordon Urquhart: We won't have anywhere to call home, but we'll be stinkin' rich.

Gordon Urquhart: I'll get the food.
Victor: Bring some brandy back with you Gordon, I'm dying.

MacIntyre: How come you're here?
Victor: Fishing. I have been coming here for years. I like it here.