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Oldsen (Character)
from Local Hero (1983)

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Local Hero (1983)
[after hitting a rabbit on the road]
Oldsen: Why don't we kill it? Hit it with something hard...
Mac: You've already done that with a two-ton automobile!

Oldsen: Whaddya thinkin' about?
Mac: Girls... naked girls... in a fishtank.

Oldsen: I've a facility for languages.

Urquhart: How's the casserole de lapin?
MacIntyre: Excellent.
Urquhart: Terrific. Thank you.
Oldsen: [thinking a moment] Lapin? That's rabbit.
MacIntyre: Is this my rabbit?
Oldsen: Harry!
MacIntyre: Trudy!
Urquhart: We don't allow animals in the bedrooms, I should have told you sooner.

Oldsen: [referring to the grey seals] Sailors used to think they were mermaids, yeah?
Marina: [gives him a sharp look] Aye, they did. They were wrong.

MacIntyre: Can you imagine a world without oil? No automobiles, no heat.
Oldsen: And polish.
MacIntyre: No ink.
Oldsen: And nylon.
MacIntyre: No detergents.
Oldsen: And Perspex. You wouldn't get any Perspex.
MacIntyre: No polythene.
Oldsen: Dry-cleaning fluid.
MacIntyre: And water-proof coats. They make dry-cleaning fluid out of oil?
Oldsen: Yeah, didn't you know that?