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Quotes for
Felix Happer (Character)
from Local Hero (1983)

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Local Hero (1983)
Happer: Institute for the study of the sea and sky? I like it!

[repeated line]
Happer: Keep watching the sky, MacIntyre.

Happer: What about the sky?
MacIntyre: [observing the northern lights] Sky, sir? It's amazing. I wish you could see it! I wish I could describe it to you like I'm seeing it!

Happer: [wants MacIntyre to observe the sky while in Scotland] Anything out of the ordinary, you telephone me. Night or day.

Happer: Take the chopper, go to Aberdeen, get on over to Houston.

Happer: That'll be all for now, MacIntyre.

Happer: Oldsen, I could grow to love this place.

Happer: [Morris is on the roof, putting up hate messages against Happer, who is calling his secretary] There's a madman on the roof. You'd better call the police to get some marksmen over here. Shoot him down. Shoot to kill.