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Quotes for
Bob (Character)
from Osmosis Jones (2001)

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Osmosis Jones (2001)
Bob: Listen. Why don't you sit her down and tell her that if anything ever happens to you, I will take care of her. Okay? I will raise her, I will nurture her, I will love her, and then when she's sixteen, I'll boot her out the door.
Frank: Sixteen?
Bob: Well, yeah. I not going to mommy her forever, okay? I mean, sixteen, sure.

Bob: Hey muscles! You don't look so good.
Frank: I feel a little fluey.
Bob: You know what they say; starve a cold, drown the flu. Your body needs fluids now, lots of 'em.
Frank: Is beer fluid?
Bob: Of course it's fluid. What about all that wet stuff in it?
Frank: I thought that was the beer.