May Dove Canady
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May Dove Canady (Character)
from May (2002)

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May (2002)
Adam: Whatcha readin' about?
May: Amputation.
Adam: Is that for work?
May: Nope. It's just for fun.

May: [to Suzy, the doll] I told you to face the goddamn wall!

[Polly is making out with May]
Polly: Do you feel weird doing this?
May: I am weird.
Polly: I love weird.

May: You don't think I'm weird?
Adam: I do think you're weird.
May: I knew that.
Adam: I like weird. I like weird a lot.

May: [to doll] I'll bet you're wondering what I'm making!
May: Okay, I'll tell you.
May: I saw someone today. A boy. You know how when you meet someone... and you think you like them? And then, the more you talk to them, you see parts that you don't like. Like that guy on the bench. And sometimes, you end up not liking any parts at all. But this boy is different. I like every part of him. Especially his hands, they're beautiful.
May: Don't be mad, you've been my friend my whole life. And you see me, you always have, but... I need a real friend. Someone I can hold.

May: Okay. A couple of weeks ago, and old man comes in, and says his dog is dying. And he begs us to save it. A 90-pound black lad named Seymour. We take him in and run some tests, and find that he has a twisted bowel, and needs to be operated on immediately. So we shave Seymour's tummy, we cut him open, and take out a piece of intestine about - about the size of a hot dog. Everything went smooth, but... when we went to sew Seymour back up, we realized we were out of the heavy sutures your supposed to use for large dogs. So the doctor decided that if we tripled up on cat sutures, that should do the trick. Well... a few days go by, and the old man calls up hysterical. The sutures had burst while he was at work, and by the time he got home, Seymour was sprawled out on the back porch with his guts spread all over the concrete, and the fence was soaked in blood all around the yard. It was a mess.
[Adam stares in disgust]
May: I had to sew that one back up.
[May giggles insanely]

May: You have really beautiful legs.
Ambrosia: I thought you said they were gams.
May: Gams, stems, wheels... whatever.

[after watching Adam's cannibalism movie]
Adam: So, what'd you think?
May: It was sweet... I don't think she could've got his finger off in one bite, though. That part seemed a little farfetched.

May: What are you making, Petey?
Petey: An ashtray.
May: You smoke?
Petey: No.
May: Then why are you making an ashtray?
Petey: [sniffs May's breath] You smoke.
May: Yes, I do.
Petey: Then you can have it when I'm done.

Polly: Do you like pussy?
May: What?
Polly: Cats. You like pussy cats?

[May is hiding two dead bodies in a cooler]
Zombie: [dressed as a zombie cheerleader] Sweet costume! Hey, you got any cold ones in there?
May: Yes, I do.

May: So many pretty parts and no pretty wholes.

May: I need more parts.

May: So, are we like best friends now that you've seen what's in my freezer?

May: Race cars.
Adam: What's that?
[as May indicates his laundry basket, Adam notices a pair of his underwear - childish briefs printed with cartoon race cars - lying on top of the pile]
Adam: Oh, yeah!
[Embarrassed, he tries to hide his underpants]
Adam: My, uh, girlfriend bought me these.

[last lines]
May: See me. See me. See me...

[Adam asks May to have a smoke with him outside the Laundromat, reaching his hand into his shirt pocket to pull out the cigarette pack]
Adam: Do you want to have a smoke with me?
[May smiles wide eyed at Adam]
Adam: [Adam lights May's cigarette] You got to puff.
[May nervously tries to smoke a cigarette for the first time]
Adam: [pause]
Adam: [Adam checks out May's handmade outfit] So, do you make your own clothes?
May: Yes.
Adam: That's cool.
May: Thank you Adam.
Adam: You're welcome May.
May: I love your hands, I think that they are beautiful.
Adam: [Adam looks at his own hand, nodding] I used to be a hand model.
May: I can see you doing that.
Adam: I'm kidding May.
[May blushes and giggles when she finally gets the joke, punching Adam in the shoulder]
Adam: Whoa!

[Adam remembers he has something to do while on the park bench with May]
Adam: Oh dang! I got to go. I uh... I'll miss this Dario Argento appointment in Beverly in fifteen minutes. I forgot I took the afternoon off. Oh, they're showing Trauma.
May: Is that a movie?
Adam: You've never seen Trauma?
May: [May whispers and reaches to hold onto Adam's hands] Don't go!
Adam: What?
May: [May takes a step back and light breath] Mmm... nothing. I, I should probably get back to work anyway. Thank you for the umm... sandwich, and cigarette...
Adam: Look I got to see this movie but, maybe I can see you again sometime.
May: How bout tonight?
Adam: Uh, you know I got this thing tonight... maybe after...
May: [May cuts Adam off blushing] Great!
Adam: [Adam smiles] Alright, well, I look forward to it May.
[They're hands shake but don't let go]
Adam: [Adam whispers] Do you want to take it with you?
May: [May blushes taking a silent breath] Mmm.

[Adam shows May his bedroom and wide collection of creepy photographs and small items]
Adam: Does this stuff freak you out?
May: Nothing freaks me out.
Adam: That's right it wouldn't would it?
[May finds a knife on the bedroom counter]
Adam: [Adam looks at May in a serious manner] You're onto me!
Adam: I'm a psycho.
Adam: [Adam doesn't hesitate to stab May in the stomach with the knife] Got you!
Adam: [Adam uses his hand to show that the blade is retractable, May has the biggest smile on her face the entire time] That's pretty cool huh?
[May then quietly holds his hand, calmly stabbing herself in the chest with the blade using his hand, and then his chest with her hand, which brings them to kiss]

[Adam rushes to head out the front door to his house when he finds May outside of it]
Adam: Whoa! Jesus Christ, May you scared the hell out of me! What are you doing out here?
May: Standing.
Adam: How long have you been standing out here?
May: Since about... two.
Adam: [Adam looks down at his watch] You haven't really been standing out here for two hours have you?
May: [May quietly asks] What do you think?
Adam: Look I got your message, I'm sorry I haven't called you back. I've been really busy with making this movie.
May: You made a movie?
Adam: In college before I dropped out, I just finished putting it together.
May: Can I see it?
[Adam smiles]
May: I'll make you macaroni and cheese.
Adam: Dinner and a movie huh? It sounds like a date.

[May and Adam have a dinner of macaroni and cheese]
Adam: I dig your place, it's really uh... neat.
[May has a smile on her face when eating macaroni and cheese across from Adam]
Adam: [Adam slowly takes a drink of the glass] Is that Gatorade?
[May smiles nodding with a yes]
Adam: [Adam laughs] Cool.
May: [pause] You would never believe what I had to do at work today.
[Adam freezes his next bite of food at his mouth, remembering the story May told earlier about the Black Lab Seymore]

[Adam and May make out in May's bed when she suddenly bites his lip]
Adam: Ow, God damn it!
[May focuses on her incased doll Susie behind Adam, which then gets Adam to notice the doll]
Adam: What the fuck is that?
Adam: [Adam then realizes his lip is cut open] Oh fuck I'm bleeding!
May: [May seductively whispers in a low voice] I know!
Adam: [May then wipes the blood on Adam's hand onto her lips and in her mouth] May what are you doing? Please, okay, I need a towel.
[May continues to wipe the blood from his hand down her neck and over her chest]
Adam: [Adam slowly stands up from the bed] I uh, I think... I think I'm gonna go.
May: [May's lower face covered with Adam's blood] What?
Adam: I'll uh... I'll see you around May
May: But it's just like your movie.
Adam: May... this is weird!
May: [May smiles touching Adam's hand] You like weird.
Adam: [Adam holds his hands away before leaving] Not that weird.

[May sits with Polly in Polly's living room, May holds a cigarette in her mouth and Polly holds a slice of melon]
Polly: What's giving you the Sads doll? Aw, no frumpy faces allowed in this place.
[Polly bites the cigarette out of May's mouth and kisses her lips]
Polly: I wanted to kiss you since I first saw you.
[Polly begins to unbutton May's shirt]
Polly: Is this what was bugging you?
May: I wasn't bugged. I'm just angry at someone.
Polly: Not me I hope.
May: No not you.
Polly: [Polly opens up May's blouse to reveal her bra] Do you feel weird doing this?
May: I am weird.
Polly: [Polly whispers in may's ear] I love weird.
May: Are you serious?
Polly: [Polly seductively replies] Yeah!
May: I mean about me?
Polly: Dead.
[May then begins to comb her hand down Polly's exposed neck, and kisses it]

[Polly stops May outside of work on the steps as she's carving a pumpkin]
Polly: Hey May hold up! I want to ask you something. What are you going to be for Halloween?
[Polly stabs the pumpkin in the eye]
Polly: I've just been whacking my brains trying to come up with something original. Do you got any ideas?
May: [May shyly points out to Polly] You have a beautiful neck.
Polly: [Polly blushes] Why thank you, haha.
Polly: You should call me one of these nights. You know, we can hang out, and eat some melons or something.
May: [May blushes] Okay!

[while at work, Polly see's May gently stabbing herself on the tip of the finger with a scalpel, and holding it there]
Polly: Jesus! What are you doing?
May: [May calmly replies] Relaxing.
Polly: Doesn't it hurt?
May: No.
[May takes Polly's hand and stabs her finger in the same place with the scalpel]
Polly: Ow! Oh! You crazy bitch! Why did you do that?
[Polly begins sucking on her finger with light moaning]
Polly: Mmm. Actually, I kinda liked it. Do me again!
[May gently stabs her again as Polly holds her eyes and mouth open, taking in the pleasure of the pain]

[May and Polly are alone in the file room at work]
Polly: Hey! We've got the whole place to ourselves... let's dance!
[Polly turns on the small portable radio in the same room, and in the background the dogs in the Veterinary Hospital begin to howl and bark]
Polly: [Polly hums and laughs at the dogs] Look they're serenading us! Oh we have to dance now! Oh... please, please, please please.
Polly: [Polly crawls up on the table between her and May, taking one of May's cigarettes and putting it in her mouth] So are you gonna dance with me or what?
Polly: [Polly and May are now slow dancing in the room holding each others hands and waists, when Polly whispers to May] Do you like pussy?
May: [May quickly answers] What?
Polly: Cats! Do you like pussy cats? Gee you're a nasty little thing aren't you. Do you like Lupe?
[the camera shows Lupe walking at their feet]
Polly: My landlady is a real bitch, I have to get rid of her.
May: The landlady?
Polly: [Polly laughs] No dummy the cat. You're her only hope.
[Polly raises May's hand up to hold and feel her neck]
Polly: Oh come on! Lupe will keep you company when you're all alone. And besides, she'll remind you of me.
May: Okay.
Polly: Uh! Wonderful!
[Polly kisses May lips to lips]
Polly: Oh, look at the time, I have to go.
Polly: [Polly turns around once more to May before walking out of the room] It's girls night out tonight, wanna come? I know, you need your beauty rest... not much of it though.

[May walks into the daycare center to work with the blind children]
Buckle: Can you help us with something?
May: I... um... saw some kids playing in the park. And I wondered if I could volunteer to help watch them.
Buckle: Well what kind of kids were they? Retarded? Deaf? Crippled? Dumb?
May: They were blind.
Buckle: So you want to work at the daycare center?
May: Would it be the same kids?
Buckle: Well what's the difference, do you only like a certain type of blind kids?

[May meets the boss at the daycare center and her first blind child]
Lucille: May Canady? Lucille! Let's introduce you to the kids.
May: Do you think I could meet her first?
Lucille: Who Petey? You could try, she usually likes to be left alone.
May: Nobody likes to be alone.
Lucille: Hey Petey, I've got someone here who wants to meet you!
Petey: Go away sniggle head.
Lucille: You are so mean to me Petey.
[Lucille curls her long finger nails towards Petey]
Lucille: Good luck!

[first lines]
Young May: What's wrong with my eye, mama?
Mama: Doctor says it's lazy eye. But, we're going to make you look perfect.