Adam Stubbs
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Adam Stubbs (Character)
from May (2002)

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May (2002)
Adam: Whatcha readin' about?
May: Amputation.
Adam: Is that for work?
May: Nope. It's just for fun.

May: You don't think I'm weird?
Adam: I do think you're weird.
May: I knew that.
Adam: I like weird. I like weird a lot.

[after watching Adam's cannibalism movie]
Adam: So, what'd you think?
May: It was sweet... I don't think she could've got his finger off in one bite, though. That part seemed a little farfetched.

May: Race cars.
Adam: What's that?
[as May indicates his laundry basket, Adam notices a pair of his underwear - childish briefs printed with cartoon race cars - lying on top of the pile]
Adam: Oh, yeah!
[Embarrassed, he tries to hide his underpants]
Adam: My, uh, girlfriend bought me these.

[Adam asks May to have a smoke with him outside the Laundromat, reaching his hand into his shirt pocket to pull out the cigarette pack]
Adam: Do you want to have a smoke with me?
[May smiles wide eyed at Adam]
Adam: [Adam lights May's cigarette] You got to puff.
[May nervously tries to smoke a cigarette for the first time]
Adam: [pause]
Adam: [Adam checks out May's handmade outfit] So, do you make your own clothes?
May: Yes.
Adam: That's cool.
May: Thank you Adam.
Adam: You're welcome May.
May: I love your hands, I think that they are beautiful.
Adam: [Adam looks at his own hand, nodding] I used to be a hand model.
May: I can see you doing that.
Adam: I'm kidding May.
[May blushes and giggles when she finally gets the joke, punching Adam in the shoulder]
Adam: Whoa!

[Adam remembers he has something to do while on the park bench with May]
Adam: Oh dang! I got to go. I uh... I'll miss this Dario Argento appointment in Beverly in fifteen minutes. I forgot I took the afternoon off. Oh, they're showing Trauma.
May: Is that a movie?
Adam: You've never seen Trauma?
May: [May whispers and reaches to hold onto Adam's hands] Don't go!
Adam: What?
May: [May takes a step back and light breath] Mmm... nothing. I, I should probably get back to work anyway. Thank you for the umm... sandwich, and cigarette...
Adam: Look I got to see this movie but, maybe I can see you again sometime.
May: How bout tonight?
Adam: Uh, you know I got this thing tonight... maybe after...
May: [May cuts Adam off blushing] Great!
Adam: [Adam smiles] Alright, well, I look forward to it May.
[They're hands shake but don't let go]
Adam: [Adam whispers] Do you want to take it with you?
May: [May blushes taking a silent breath] Mmm.

[Adam shows May his bedroom and wide collection of creepy photographs and small items]
Adam: Does this stuff freak you out?
May: Nothing freaks me out.
Adam: That's right it wouldn't would it?
[May finds a knife on the bedroom counter]
Adam: [Adam looks at May in a serious manner] You're onto me!
Adam: I'm a psycho.
Adam: [Adam doesn't hesitate to stab May in the stomach with the knife] Got you!
Adam: [Adam uses his hand to show that the blade is retractable, May has the biggest smile on her face the entire time] That's pretty cool huh?
[May then quietly holds his hand, calmly stabbing herself in the chest with the blade using his hand, and then his chest with her hand, which brings them to kiss]

[Adam rushes to head out the front door to his house when he finds May outside of it]
Adam: Whoa! Jesus Christ, May you scared the hell out of me! What are you doing out here?
May: Standing.
Adam: How long have you been standing out here?
May: Since about... two.
Adam: [Adam looks down at his watch] You haven't really been standing out here for two hours have you?
May: [May quietly asks] What do you think?
Adam: Look I got your message, I'm sorry I haven't called you back. I've been really busy with making this movie.
May: You made a movie?
Adam: In college before I dropped out, I just finished putting it together.
May: Can I see it?
[Adam smiles]
May: I'll make you macaroni and cheese.
Adam: Dinner and a movie huh? It sounds like a date.

[May and Adam have a dinner of macaroni and cheese]
Adam: I dig your place, it's really uh... neat.
[May has a smile on her face when eating macaroni and cheese across from Adam]
Adam: [Adam slowly takes a drink of the glass] Is that Gatorade?
[May smiles nodding with a yes]
Adam: [Adam laughs] Cool.
May: [pause] You would never believe what I had to do at work today.
[Adam freezes his next bite of food at his mouth, remembering the story May told earlier about the Black Lab Seymore]

[Adam and May make out in May's bed when she suddenly bites his lip]
Adam: Ow, God damn it!
[May focuses on her incased doll Susie behind Adam, which then gets Adam to notice the doll]
Adam: What the fuck is that?
Adam: [Adam then realizes his lip is cut open] Oh fuck I'm bleeding!
May: [May seductively whispers in a low voice] I know!
Adam: [May then wipes the blood on Adam's hand onto her lips and in her mouth] May what are you doing? Please, okay, I need a towel.
[May continues to wipe the blood from his hand down her neck and over her chest]
Adam: [Adam slowly stands up from the bed] I uh, I think... I think I'm gonna go.
May: [May's lower face covered with Adam's blood] What?
Adam: I'll uh... I'll see you around May
May: But it's just like your movie.
Adam: May... this is weird!
May: [May smiles touching Adam's hand] You like weird.
Adam: [Adam holds his hands away before leaving] Not that weird.