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Quotes for
Celia (Character)
from Calendar Girls (2003)

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Calendar Girls (2003)
Celia: It's the whole showing your breasts issues that concerns me.
Annie: The point is that we won't really be showing anything.
Celia: Yes, that's what concerns me.
Annie: Yours are good, are they?
Celia: They're tremendous.

Ruth: Well, I think it's a great idea.
Cora: You weren't concentrating, were you Ruth?
Ruth: I was. We're going to raise money to buy a sofa for the hospital in John's name.
Celia: By posing for a nude calendar!
Ruth: Oh no!
Chris: Oh sit down. I'm not asking you to straddle an 'Arley Davidson.
Celia: It's still a bit of a leap from Burnsall church, love.
Chris: That's the 'ole point. It's an alternative calendar, it's...
Annie: It's what John suggested.
Chris: Did he?
Annie: The last stage of the flower is the most glorious. So what this calendar would be saying is "actually, yes John, we agree".
Ruth: With respect, I didn't hear him use the phrase "whip your bras off"

Chris: T minus two hours. Bras off to avoid strap marks.
Celia: As we speak darling, as we speak.

Celia: I'm a bit worried about our great leader's grasp of Tai Chi.

Marie: Naked!
Cora: It's not naked. It's nude.
Marie: What's the difference?
Celia: Art.

Celia: Oh, get bloody Botticelli in here.

Celia: I've never been naked in front of anyone in my life.
Chris: Not even Frank?
Celia: Frank's a major. We approach nudity on a strictly need-to-know basis.

Celia: [reading a fan mail letter] "I am currently in the high security wing of Her Majesty's Prison Barlinnie in Scotland and was mightily impressed by the sheer size of your-"

Jessie: What we must ask ourselves is this: what is the difference between this and the Venus de Milo?
Celia: Oh, I love quizzes. The cooker?