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Sgt. Hendrix (Character)
from "Malcolm in the Middle" (2000)

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"Malcolm in the Middle: Reese Joins the Army: Part 1 (#5.21)" (2004)
Sgt. Hendrix: Are you sure you're 18?
Reese: Yes, and here's the I.D. to prove it.
[shows him a fake I.D]
Sgt. Hendrix: All right then, Private Jetson.

Sgt. Hendrix: I want you to explain to these recruits how the worst soldier in the unit has managed to put them all to shame.
Reese: I just stopped thinking. I figured out that using my brain was the whole problem, not just here, but my entire life. If I just do exactly what I'm told, and nothing else, then everything gets easy. It's not even a question of smart or dumb. You just turn yourself into a tool. I'm much happier that way. I'm the world's happiest tool.
Sgt. Hendrix: You must be proud of yourself, son.
Reese: I don't know if I am or not. I'm waiting for you to tell me.
Sgt. Hendrix: [his voice begins to break with emotion] My God! A soldier like you comes along once in a thousand years.