Piama Tananahaakna
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Piama Tananahaakna (Character)
from "Malcolm in the Middle" (2000)

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"Malcolm in the Middle: Hal Coaches (#3.16)" (2002)
Piama: My husband is being disrespected by a woman who isn't fit to eat the crap between your toes. Someone ought to cut that woman's belly open with a rusty knife and strangle her with her own entrails."
Francis: I love you, too.

Francis: I don't even know how to pronounce your last name.

"Malcolm in the Middle: Baby: Part 1 (#4.20)" (2003)
Lois: Mother, we can't afford to put you up here.
Grandma Ida: You can afford a maid.
Piama: I'm not the maid, Ida. My name is Piama. I'm married to Francis.
Grandma Ida: [to Lois] Tell the help not to talk to me.

Lois: Hal, why don't you take the boys out tomorrow and do something fun? I could use the time alone, anyway, to straighten up the house before the baby comes.
Piama: I can help you clean.
Lois: [trying to disguise her resentment of Piama] Well, that'll take a little longer, but I guess I could use the company.
Hal: Hey, there's a car show at the convention center.
Malcolm: Yeah, let's spend the whole day looking at cool things that we'll never get to own.
Lois: Oh, come on, Malcolm. If we only looked at stuff we could afford, all we'd ever see is crap.

"Malcolm in the Middle: Hal's Birthday (#3.15)" (2002)
Lois: Sorry it's so cramped, Piama. This van really isn't designed to carry seven people.
Piama: Oh, I guess I was thrown off by the seven seats and the seven seatbelts.

Piama: [to Lois] Lady, you don't wanna stick your hand in my face.

"Malcolm in the Middle: Malcolm Films Reese (#5.5)" (2003)
Piama Tananahaakna: I still can't believe you convinced the newspaper to give us another review.
Francis: Honey, you of all people should know how persuasive I can be.
Piama Tananahaakna: You cried?
Francis: Like a baby.

"Malcolm in the Middle: Hal's Christmas Gift (#6.6)" (2004)
Francis: Wow, Mom, this is fantastic. I am so happy to be home for Christmas.
Piama Tananahaakna: You said this house was Satan's trash can.
Francis: [with forced sweetness] You're quoting me out of context!

"Malcolm in the Middle: Baby: Part 2 (#4.21)" (2003)
Francis: There has to be some way to get rid of her.
Piama: All we know is she doesn't burn.

"Malcolm in the Middle: Boys at Ranch (#4.8)" (2003)
Piama: [indicating note from boys] I'm afraid it starts off a little antagonistic.
Francis: [reading] Is that last word 'lick' or 'wipe?'
Piama: I think you're safe either way.

"Malcolm in the Middle: Graduation (#7.22)" (2006)
Piama: [Reese's septic barrel has just exploded over everyone] Well we might as well go ahead and have kids, since I'm not afraid of changing diapers anymore.

"Malcolm in the Middle: Experiment (#5.18)" (2004)
Piama Tananahaakna: What happened?
Francis: The other piglets were mean to him.
Piama Tananahaakna: Francis, you said last week you'd put that thing back in its pen.
Francis: I tried, but he's just so good natured and sweet, the others won't let him feed. I am not putting him back in there until I teach him to be more assertive.
Piama Tananahaakna: Either you return Ralph to his pen tonight, or he's gonna be looking up at you from an omelet.