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Dabney Hooper (Character)
from "Malcolm in the Middle" (2000)

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"Malcolm in the Middle: The Bully (#2.10)" (2000)
Malcolm: Those guys are nuts. I'm funny!... Aren't I funny?
Lloyd: To be honest, you can be a little caustic.
Stevie: The word... is arrogant.
Dabney: How about bitter, sarcastic and handsome?
[Lloyd and Stevie turn to look at him]
Dabney: [points somewhere] Hey, she's cute.

"Malcolm in the Middle: Hal's Friend (#4.14)" (2003)
Dabney Hooper: Look, Malcolm, I know you think I'm a mama's boy...!
Malcolm: No, mama's boys are laughing at you with their mothers!

"Malcolm in the Middle: Cynthia's Back (#3.14)" (2002)
Dabney: If I wanted this kind of abuse, I'd have a conversation with my oboe teacher.

"Malcolm in the Middle: Emancipation (#3.2)" (2001)
Malcolm: We have the choice people have had for centuries... we can choose to fail.
Dabney: Like the French?

"Malcolm in the Middle: Cliques (#3.21)" (2002)
Dabney: [after Malcolm exposes his friends as Krelboynes, Dabney points to Malcolm on the roof] He's our leader!