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Quotes for
Dewey (Character)
from "Malcolm in the Middle" (2000)

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"Malcolm in the Middle: Lois vs. Evil (#1.9)" (2000)
Lois: Drink your milk.
Dewey: It's lumpy!
Lois: Then chew it.

Lois: You know, I hope you are at least learning something from all this.
Dewey: Yeah. If you do something bad, don't tell!

Lois: Drink your milk.
Dewey: It's lumpy.
Lois: Then chew it.

"Malcolm in the Middle: Krelboyne Picnic (#1.8)" (2000)
[talking about Malcolm's class picnic]
Malcolm: There won't be any meat. They all decided they didn't want to eat anything that has a mother.
Dewey: Cousin Nancy doesn't have a mother.
Lois: That's right. She has two daddies.
Reese: Two guys as your parents? That house has to be a dude's paradise.

Dewey: Is Malcolm a robot?
Hal: [sighs] No, son. He's just very, very, very, very, very smart.

Hal: Dewey, what did I tell you about raw meat?
Dewey: [mouth full of raw meat] I'm not.

"Malcolm in the Middle: Dewey's Dog (#3.17)" (2002)
Doctor: [after Dewey's stomach pump] He's fine. We didn't find any candles, but we did find some marbles. And the waistband to a pair of underpants.
Dewey: Don't ask.

Reese: What am I thinking?
Malcolm: I'm smart, not psychic.
Dewey: Can you understand dogs?
Malcolm: No.
Dewey: [smiles] I can.

"Malcolm in the Middle: Day Care (#4.22)" (2003)
Dewey: [to the Bible teacher Helen] Like Pastor Roy said, how God is so much bigger and wiser than us, and trying to see what He's thinking would be like an ant trying to see what I'm thinking.
Helen: Yes, exactly. But we can trust in His wisdom, and have faith that He is watching over us.
Dewey: Like me with the anthill in my backyard. I spent days watching the ants, trying to figure out which ones were good, and which ones were bad, but they all just looked like ants, so I started smiting all of them.
Helen: Well that's not -
Dewey: I was smiting them with the garden hose, and with lighter fluid, and with the lawnmower, and to be perfectly honest, I think I went a little crazy with the shovel. Those ants could have been praying to me all day, I wouldn't have heard them.
Dewey: There was nothing they could do about it.
Helen: But, I don't think -
Dewey: Really, it's the same with us. There's nothing we can do about anything either, so why worry about it? Hey, this is making me feel better.
Helen: Well, that's good, but -
Dewey: I guess all we can do is live our lives with as much kindness and decency as possible, and try not to dwell on God standing over us with a giant shovel. Bye!

Reese: This will be the most magnificent day of my life. I plan to float above the clouds and experience the joy that only birds can know.
Dewey: You're going to fry yourself on high voltage wires.
Reese: I'm not afraid. I have faith in my vision. I love you, Dewey.
[Starts to float off]
Reese: This is incredible! I can see the top of Dad's car from here!
Dewey: I'll miss you at first! No, I'M as surprised as you are. No, I'm as SURPRISED as you are. No, I'm as surprised as YOU are.

"Malcolm in the Middle: Grandma Sues (#4.9)" (2003)
Dewey: [to Grandma Ida] We'll miss you.
Grandma Ida: Even the little one lies!

Dewey: All I ever had was being the youngest. Now I won't even have that.

"Malcolm in the Middle: Garage Sale (#4.15)" (2003)
Dewey: Malcolm, in school we learned the coolest thing: there were these people that did this broadcast to convince everyone that aliens were landing. So what we do is wait for Reese to fall asleep, then we flash some lights outside his window then we go to the TV, but we'll have already made a tape...
Malcolm: Dewey, you're totally over-thinking this. Reese, aliens landed down the street!
Reese: [Runs in wearing a helmet and carrying a bat] Every man for himself!

Dewey: That's my piggy bank. That was in my room.
Reese: Relax, dipwad. I got two bucks for it.
Dewey: It had sixteen dollars in it.
Reese: Waa-waa. Spilt milk.

"Malcolm in the Middle: Pilot (#1.1)" (2000)
Malcolm: What d'you do if he catches you?
Dewey: Roll in a ball.
Malcolm: What if he starts kicking you?
Dewey: Stay in a ball.

Dewey: I don't take my legs for granted, Mom.
Lois: I know honey, you're a good boy. Stop playing with yourself.

"Malcolm in the Middle: Hal Quits (#2.14)" (2001)
Reese: Since she made fun of your name, you just make fun of hers. What's her name?
Dewey: Ragina Tucker.
Reese: Hmm, we'll think of something.

Dewey: Mom, dad, guess what? The tooth fairy came.
Lois: He did?
Hal: Oh, so what'd he give you? A couple dollars?
Dewey: I got a rock and a half a stick of gum.
Lois: Malcolm. Reese.

"Malcolm in the Middle: Old Mrs. Old (#2.11)" (2001)
Reese: Kids like me are dreaming about something like this. We look around the playground, we see normal kid, normal kid, and a kid with a purse. Who do you think's gonna get creamed.
Dewey: Is one of the normal kids fat?
Reese: It doesn't matter. He's gonna be fat every day, but the kid with the purse, he might not wear it again.

Reese: Hey, Dewey. You know I never gave you anything for your birthday?
Dewey: Yeah.
Reese: Well. Here.
[gives him a backpack]
Reese: Happy birthday!
Dewey: I already have a backpack.
Reese: Not like this one. See this one has a whistle. Why are you flinching? I'm trying to give you something nice.
Dewey: But I'm not gonna take it.
Reese: Here, just hold it.
Dewey: No.
Reese: [pushes Dewey in his mattress] Why won't you let me do something nice? You're gonna wear this and there's nothing you can do about it!

"Malcolm in the Middle: Reese Comes Home (#6.1)" (2004)
Malcolm: I can't believe he could really be gone.
Dewey: I know. Wow, this diaper's gotta be a 5-pounder!
Malcolm: I'd like to think Jamie knew what it was for. It's so weird. It seems like all my life I wished that something horrible would happen to Reese. And now that is has I... I...
Dewey: Miss him?
Malcolm: Yeah.
Dewey: I do, too. Remember when he shaved my eyebrows and glued them back on so I looked permanently surprised? That was genius.
Malcolm: Remember the pure joy he got on Christmas morning when he was smashing our presents? No matter how hard I tried, I could never make Mom's face turn to that special purple color... Reese purple.

Dewey: Maybe we honor Reese the wrong way. Reese wasn't into helping people and doing good deeds. He loved to smash things and destroy stuff for no reason. If we want to honor Reese, maybe we should think about doing it his way.
Malcolm: You have something in mind?
Dewey: [shows him a brochure] This kind of caught my eye.
Malcolm: An art fair?
Dewey: Just think what Reese would have done with it. They've got fold dancing, dream catchers, face-painting...
Malcolm: They are kind of begging for it. I don't know...
Dewey: And rapping grannies.
Malcolm: Let me see that!

"Malcolm in the Middle: Reese Drives (#3.13)" (2002)
Malcolm: Why do we have to get dressed up for Reese's court date?
Lois: So the judge will see that he comes from a good family who loves him.
Dewey: Why aren't they trying him as an adult?

"Malcolm in the Middle: Funeral (#1.11)" (2000)
Francis: [Francis is on the phone to Dewey] Dewey, how did Aunt Helen die?
Dewey: Cats ate her face
Francis: No, Dewey. I'm asking about Aunt Helen.
Dewey: Cats ate her face.
Francis: Look, will you just put dad on the phone.
Hal: [Dewey hands the phone to Hal] Hello?
Francis: Dad. How did Aunt Helen die?
Hal: Cats ate her face, here talk to Dewey he knows more about it than I do

"Malcolm in the Middle: Jury Duty (#3.20)" (2002)
Dewey: Why isn't there a flash flood when you need one?

"Malcolm in the Middle: Lois Battles Jamie (#6.8)" (2005)
Malcolm: Okay, let's think outside the box. If you were a diving board, what would you want someone to do with you?
Dewey: Take me to the ice rink!
Reese: Why would you want to go to the ice rink? It's cold there.
Dewey: But they have good hotdogs.
Reese: No, they suck! The ones at the train station are the good ones.
Dewey: Why would a *diving board* want to go to the *train station*?
Reese: I dunno, maybe it wants to visit relatives, or something.
Malcolm: Okay, back inside the box.

"Malcolm in the Middle: Cheerleader (#1.12)" (2000)
Dewey: Does this means Reese's a girl now?
Malcolm: No Dewey, he's a lady.
Reese: Shut up.
Malcolm: Yes Ma'am.

"Malcolm in the Middle: Hal Coaches (#3.16)" (2002)
Dewey: [Dewey's Soccer team go out of control when Hal tells them they are superheroes and the opposition are the bad guys] Eat chalk, evil-doer!
[rubs other kid's face into chalk line on field]

"Malcolm in the Middle: If Boys Were Girls (#4.10)" (2003)
Malcolm: Why do we have to go shopping?
Lois: Because you ruin everything you own. Your clothes don't just magically appear in your drawers.
Dewey: Mine do.

"Malcolm in the Middle: Forwards Backwards (#4.5)" (2002)
[Fixing dinner, Lois drops a roast on the floor, picks it up, begins to brush it off, and turns to find Dewey watching her]
Dewey: Give Reese a slice from the fuzzy side and I didn't see a thing.
Lois: Deal.

"Malcolm in the Middle: Lois' Sister (#5.13)" (2004)
Susan: Victim? I became a victim on my prom night when I walked into the garage and found my boyfriend having sex with my sister on the hood of my car!
Dewey: Where do I look?
Malcolm: There's no where to look!

"Malcolm in the Middle: Home Alone 4 (#1.3)" (2000)
Lois: Dewey, I need to talk to Francis.
Dewey: He can't come to the phone. He's in the bathroom.
Lois: Well, put Malcolm on the phone.
Dewey: He can't come to the phone. He's in the bathroom.
Lois: They're both in the bathroom? Dewey, what's going on?
Dewey: I have to go to the bathroom.

"Malcolm in the Middle: Future Malcolm (#4.19)" (2003)
Hal: Listen, son, I know you're worried about the baby coming, but you don't have to be. Yes, you're not going to be the youngest any more, and it is true the baby will get all of our attention for quite a while, and you will have to do a lot more work around the house, and probably have to share the bedroom...
Lois: What your father is trying to say is, there is no reason for you to be acting up like this. Now, get this mess cleaned up. And the baby is not talking to you.
Dewey: It said you'd say that.

"Malcolm in the Middle: Forbidden Girlfriend (#4.6)" (2002)
Reese: Dewey. I finally found out why everybody's been giving you money. There's this kid who looks just like you and he's been doing chores for everybody. I knew that everybody must have an evil twin.
Dewey: He's my evil twin?
Reese: No, Dewey, this kid's a saint. You're his evil twin.
Dewey: But, I don't want to be an evil twin.
Reese: Dewey, shut up. This thing involves money and an evil twin. We got to find a way to make this pay off... Let's go watch soap operas.

"Malcolm in the Middle: The Bully (#2.10)" (2000)
Dewey: Is Reese a girl?
Malcolm: No,he's a lady.
Reese: Shut Up!
Malcolm: I'm sorry Miss.

"Malcolm in the Middle: Malcolm Films Reese (#5.5)" (2003)
Dewey: Mom, Dad. I got a question about school. Let's say I'm making some money. I mean, so much money that the idea of going to school is...
Hal: You have to go to school.
Dewey: But what if you're making more than $400-500 a week?
Lois: [sarcastic] Yeah, Dewey. You start making $400-500 a week, you can quit school.
Dewey: [happily] Okay.

"Malcolm in the Middle: High School Play (#2.9)" (2000)
Hal: So, Dewey, I'm thinking our little
Hal: community needs a school.
Dewey: Don't need it. Everyone's born smart.
Hal: Aww, that's beautiful, son. It's a utopia.
Dewey: And anyone stupid will be ground up for food.
Hal: Oh. A cannibal utopia. Interesting.

"Malcolm in the Middle: Baby: Part 2 (#4.21)" (2003)
Reese: I'd say half of all our Legos have been through this kid.
Dewey: Probably more.

"Malcolm in the Middle: Thanksgiving (#5.4)" (2003)
Reese: Dewey, do you trust me?
Dewey: No.
Reese: Do you fear me?
Dewey: No.
Dewey: Not in the long run.

"Malcolm in the Middle: Reese Joins the Army: Part 1 (#5.21)" (2004)
Dewey: Well, if anyone cares my flight number is five o...
Malcolm: Oh, hi mom!

"Malcolm in the Middle: Butterflies (#6.17)" (2005)
Dewey: Dad! The toilet lid was up and Jamie's tongue is blue again.

"Malcolm in the Middle: Rollerskates (#1.13)" (2000)
Lois: [Busting Reese on the intercom trying to drink from the milk carton] What are you doing?
Reese: Nothing!
Lois: Get a glass.
[Reese tries to ignore Lois by trying to drink from the milk carton again]
Lois: Don't you dare! When I'm well, I'm going to beat you *blue*, mister. Get a glass!
Reese: All right! Okay!
Dewey: Can I have some milk?
Lois: Yes... but get a glass!
Dewey: Okay.

"Malcolm in the Middle: Red Dress (#1.2)" (2000)
Lois: [entering the boys' room] What did you do?
Malcolm: What?
Lois: Don't give that look. What did you do?
Malcolm: Nothing.
Lois: Well, I suppose you wouldn't mind if I... took a look in here!
[opens a drawer]
Malcolm: Mom, I'm telling you. we didn't do anything.
Lois: [notices the curtains are closed] If you've broken another window, it's coming out of your...
[opens curtain]
Reese: Are you done? Wanna frisk me?
Lois: You just consider yourselves lucky.
[leaves then immediately returns, then closes door]
Dewey: [tied up on back of door] That was close.
Malcolm: Either she's losing her touch, or we're getting better.

"Malcolm in the Middle: Stereo Store (#4.13)" (2003)
Dewey: [eating carrot sticks] I don't know what company makes this stuff, but I hate it.

"Malcolm in the Middle: Boys at Ranch (#4.8)" (2003)
Dewey: I kind of feel like I'm floating.
Gretchen: Vell, zat's probably ze ammonia.

"Malcolm in the Middle: Living Will (#6.12)" (2005)
[Lois has just picked up a paralyzed Hal from the hospital after another argument between the doctor and the nurse. He's just sitting there as the boys looked]
Malcolm: What's wrong with him?
Lois: The doctors call it Hysterical Conversion Disorder. It's psychosomatic, apparently he's paralyzed from the waist up.
Malcolm: The waist up?
[Lois is frustrated as Hal starts squrming around with his feet]
Reese: Dad, what is it?
[Lois taps his head to calm him down. It does the work as his right foot pets her leg]
Dewey: I think he's thanking you.

"Malcolm in the Middle: Christmas (#3.7)" (2001)
Dewey: She's stealing Christmas.
Malcolm: Mom, you can't do this.
Reese: Yeah, this is the last year Dewey'll believe in Santa Claus.
Dewey: What?

"Malcolm in the Middle: Emancipation (#3.2)" (2001)
Dewey: Someday, when you come back, and you're unemployed and have no place to live: you can come stay at my castle.

"Malcolm in the Middle: Casino (#2.5)" (2000)
Dewey: I don't like ghosts, they eat little boys.

"Malcolm in the Middle: Graduation (#7.22)" (2006)
Reese: What did I miss?
Malcolm: There was this big explosion. Some fire shot out and now he's just come to.
Reese: What I was just gone for a second.
Dewey: Shhhhhhh! I wanna see this.
Lois: [walks in and sees Hal attempting to fix the TV] Oh for God's sakes, Hal. Pay the money and get a repair man.
Hal: I am not wasting good money when I am perfectly capable of...
[Hal is electrocuted and the boys laugh at it as Lois leaves embarrassed]

"Malcolm in the Middle: Francis Escapes (#1.7)" (2000)
Dewey: And then the monster started growling at me, so I threw rocks at him, and I killed him, and then he started flying around on rocket boost, and I got to ride inside his head, and now the monster's my friend, and we wen - and we went to get Slurpees.
Reese: You did not. You just lied.
Hal: Reese, if that's what Dewey says happened there's no reason to argue about it.
Reese: No one believes I beat the last level in Mortal Kombat.
Hal: Because that's just ridiculous. No one beats Sub-Zero.

"Malcolm in the Middle: A.A. (#7.15)" (2006)
Reese: [Dewey wants to go to the arcade] What are you, twelve?
Dewey: Yes!

"Malcolm in the Middle: Convention (#2.6)" (2000)
Patty Henderson: Okay, now you're all squeaky clean. Now go put on your pajamas.
Dewey: Hi Guys.

"Malcolm in the Middle: Billboard (#6.10)" (2005)
Lois: [finds out what her boys are doing] Oh my God!
Dewey: Did you hear that?
Lois: What are you boys doing up there?
Malcolm: It's Mom!
Dewey: How did she know where to find us?
Reese: I told you, she's got tracking devices in our fillings! If you two geniuses had ripped them out like I did, we wouldn't have been in this mess!
Dewey: Maybe she didn't see us.
Lois: Reese, Malcolm, Dewey, you get down here this instant.
Reese: [bad Spanish accent] Miss, I don't know what you are talking about. Your boys are different boys than our being.
[the light turns on the stripper billboard; the boys back up and Lois rolls her eyes]
Reese: [afraid] Where's the back door for this thing?
Malcolm: [scared] It's a billboard!
Dewey: [terrified] We're so dead. This time she'll finish us.
Lois: Come down, now!

"Malcolm in the Middle: Stock Car Races (#1.10)" (2000)
Hal: Dewey, what have I said about snitching?
Dewey: Only snitch when asked to snitch.

"Malcolm in the Middle: Carnival (#2.23)" (2001)
Malcolm: Why are you so happy?
Dewey: Gorak gave me one of his Babies.

"Malcolm in the Middle: Dinner Out (#2.4)" (2000)
Malcolm: [the Boys are playing Baseball indoors] Malcolm: Two outs, man on first, pitch...
[Reese hits the ball and destroys a framed picture]
Reese: Oh man, we're so dead
Malcolm: That's it, game over!
Reese: Yeah... so I win.
Malcolm: What?
Reese: Past the lamp is a home run. Two men scored.
Malcolm: That was a foul ball!
Reese: Are you crazy?
Dewey: [lying on the floor] It was foul.
Reese: Shut up, you're home plate, you don't get a vote! And it was fair!
Malcolm: Do over.
Reese: Fine by me.
[hits the ball and smashes a vase]
Reese: Oh, crap!
Malcolm: Now we *really* have to quit!
Reese: Yeah. But that was triple
Malcolm: Get back up there!
[resmues pitching stance]

"Malcolm in the Middle: New Neighbors (#2.13)" (2001)
Dewey: Their gnome wants to eat me. It's evil.
Lois: They're all evil, sweetie.

"Malcolm in the Middle: Experiment (#5.18)" (2004)
Dewey: I just want you to know, if some crazy couple steals me and then raises me as a girl, it's on your head.
Lois: No, it's not.

"Malcolm in the Middle: Surgery (#2.17)" (2001)
Hal: Dewey, don't be scared, but there is a big spider next to you.
Dewey: Yeah dad, there's always a spider on bacon day.
Malcolm: [to the camera] You know, I'm not feeling that good. I could give Dad some of mine, but that's not really in the true spirit of Bacon Day.

"Malcolm in the Middle: Buseys Take a Hostage (#6.21)" (2005)
[Dewey promises to help one of his disabled classmates]
Penelope: Dewey, I need your help after school.
Dewey: I'm already helping Hanson.
Penelope: But I need you. The sidewalks told me they wouldn't let me walk home anymore.