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Mr. Dig (Character)
from "Lizzie McGuire" (2001)

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"Lizzie McGuire: El Oro de Montezuma (#2.2)" (2002)
Mr. Dig: [talking about different cultures and what's beautiful] The Chinese prize tiny feet, Middle Eastern cultures are fascinated with the eyes, and some African tribes like elongated necks and large earlobes.
Larry Tudgeman: Eew, that's weird!
Mr. Dig: Maybe to you, Larry, but women in Eastern Africa would find you pale and oddly dressed.
Gordo: That's how the woman here find him.

Mr. Dig: Let's welcome our new student, Li Tarak. Li, tell us something about yourself.
Li Tarak: A-again, sorry?
Mr. Dig: I mean, can you tell us something about Indonesia.
Li Tarak: Oh, yes. I am from Indonesia.

"Lizzie McGuire: In Miranda Lizzie Does Not Trust (#2.10)" (2002)
Mr. Dig: Ladies, I don't wanna hear you talking, I wanna see some action!
[Lizzie and Miranda starts to fight physically]

Mr. Dig: And uh Ethan Craft uh spotted a cloud he thought looked like a donkey and ran face first into a beehive.

"Lizzie McGuire: And the Winner Is (#2.6)" (2002)
Mr. Dig: All I have is 43 cents and a bus token.
Matt McGuire: 43 cents and a bus token, 43 cents and a bus token? Ok.

Mr. Dig: I'm going to give you a life enriching interactive test extravaganza!
David 'Gordo' Gordon: [to Lizzie and Miranda] I like the sound of that!
[suddenly realizing they are not talking]
David 'Gordo' Gordon: ... he said to himself...