Miss Ungermeyer
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Miss Ungermeyer (Character)
from The Lizzie McGuire Movie (2003)

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The Lizzie McGuire Movie (2003)
Miss Ungermeyer: What's your name?
Gordo: David Gordan.
Miss Ungermeyer: David Gordan. I think that's Italian for 'sneaky little brown noser with a hidden agenda'.

Miss Ungermeyer: Room assignments: David Gordon, you'll be rooming with Ethan Craft. You'll be in room 103.
Ethan: Are those English or Italian numbers?

Miss Ungermeyer: You will get to experience the delights of La Citta Eterna. Rome. Eternal city. Did no one read the info packets?

Miss Ungermeyer: Mr. Craft, have you even started on your summer reading list?
Ethan: I finished it.
Miss Ungermeyer: You read eleven books?
Ethan: I mean I read the list!

Miss Ungermeyer: Mr. Craft, you are in the most beautiful city in the world, is this having any effect on you?
Ethan: Yeah the cobble stones are like totally thrashing on my wheels.

Ethan: When are we going to eat spaghetti?
Kate: Its like nine in the morning.
Ethan: So what? You've never had spaghetti for breakfast before?
Kate: I don't eat carbs!
Ethan: So I suppose you've never had a spaghetti sandwich before?
Kate: This experience is so totally wasted on you...
Miss Ungermeyer: Craft! Sanders! Seperate!
Kate: Oh, we did! And thank god!
Miss Ungermeyer: Ok, let's try something at your education level and take a ten minute shopping break while I choke down an espresso.

Miss Ungermeyer: [smacks rear] You want a piece of the Ungermeyer?

Miss Ungermeyer: You tell us where Lizzie is or this deck is gonna catch some serious air!
Ethan: Well it's possible that she's at the Italian Music Video Awards doubling for the Italian pop star Isabella who's like totally her twin.
Ethan: Why does everyone always look at me like that?

Sergei: Sergei is hungry.
Miss Ungermeyer: So is Miss Ungermeyer.

Miss Ungermeyer: Gordon, you having a problem?
Gordo: No, no... I-I just... I'm starting to agree with Ethan. I-I think we need to eat more spaghetti.
Ethan: You're the man!