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Consuelo (Character)
from Storytelling (2001)

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Storytelling (2001)
Mikey Livingston: Wasn't there high school in El Salvador?
Consuelo: We had to work. My family was poor.
Mikey Livingston: It must have been hard being poor.
Consuelo: I am still poor.
Mikey Livingston: But Consuelo... even though you're poor, don't you have any hobbies or interests or anything?
Consuelo: No, Mikey.

Mikey Livingston: Why was he on death row?
Consuelo: For rape and murder.
Mikey Livingston: Consuelo, what is rape exactly?
Consuelo: It is when you love someone and they don't love you and you do something about it.
Mikey Livingston: Sometimes I think my parents don't love me.
Consuelo: Well, when you get older you can do something about it.