Mr. Scott
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Mr. Scott (Character)
from Storytelling (2001)

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Storytelling (2001)
[Vi and Mr. Scott are having sex]
Mr. Scott: Say, "Nigger, fuck me."
Vi: Oh, but I... I can't... say that.
Mr. Scott: Say, "Ni..."
Vi: Ni...
Mr. Scott: "... gger."
Vi: ...gger.
Mr. Scott: Say, "Nigger."
Vi: Nigger.
Mr. Scott: "Fuck me hard."
Vi: Fuck... me... hard.

Vi: Do you... think I have potential... as a writer?
[after a pause]
Mr. Scott: No.
[another ugly pause]
Vi: Thank you for being honest.

Mr. Scott: I don't know about what happened... because once you start writing, it ALL becomes fiction.