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Quotes for
Liz (Character)
from Someone Like You... (2001)

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Someone Like You... (2001)
Liz: Time wounds all heels.

Liz: So I call him up to say good night and guess who answers the phone 1AM PARIS TIME? Penelope Pope!
Jane: Who's Penelope Pope?
Liz: I don't know, but that's what she said when I asked "Who the FUCK is this?"

Liz: Wow, there's the cynical bitch we know and love.

Liz: Why feed me all that romantic bullshit if he's just gonna cheat on me?
Jane: Two words: Coppulatory Imperative.
Liz: Excuse me?
Jane: The biological urge to spread their seed. The truth is only 15% of all male animals are monogomous. The rest are...
Liz: Plucking Penelope Pope.

Jane: Remember last week when we were laughing at that graffiti on the subway?
Liz: "Baby, I loves the toilet you sit on"?

Liz: [referring to Ray's girlfriend] If he mentions her, just smile politely and change the subject.
Jane: Why?
Liz: Because if you bring her up, he's gonna feel pushed and resentful. This way it's like, no pressure. I'm happy. I'm healthy, getting sex other places.
Liz: Lizzie, where do you get this stuff?
Jane:, it's very informative.

Street Vendor: Are you going to buy anything or not?
Liz: Shush, shush, I'm concentrating.
Street Vendor: Ok.

Liz: There's the cynical bitch I know and love.