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Quotes for
Sofia (Character)
from Shortbus (2006)

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Shortbus (2006)
Sofia: I'm pre-orgasmic.
Jamie: Does that mean you're about to have one?

Bitch: My name's Bitch.
Sofia: Hi, Bitch.

Sofia: [to Severin] You are so far behind you think you are first.

Rob: I'm looking for a job!
Sofia: What kind of a job? A handjob?

Ceth: Is my hair okay?
Sofia: Yeah, it's fine.
Ceth: Thanks.

Justin Bond: This place has really taken off in the last few years since all these young people started flocking to the city.
Sofia: Well, why would they come to New York? It's so expensive to live here.
Justin Bond: 9/11. It's the only thing real that's ever happened to them.