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Quotes for
Bob 'Bull' Hurley (Character)
from Over the Top (1987)

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Over the Top (1987)
Bob 'Bull' Hurley: I drive truck, break arms, and arm wrestle. It's what I love to do, it's what I do best. Being number one is everything. There is no second place. Second sucks.

Bob 'Bull' Hurley: What are you doing with that guy?
Michael Cutler: He's my father.
Bob 'Bull' Hurley: Too bad.

Bob 'Bull' Hurley: Right now, double or nothing. What do you say?
Lincoln Hawk: Let's just wait for Vegas.
Bob 'Bull' Hurley: Come on, let's do it now. I feel like kicking some ass.
Lincoln Hawk: Let's wait till Vegas, okay?
Bob 'Bull' Hurley: You ain't got a *prayer* in Vegas!
Lincoln Hawk: We'll see.

Bob 'Bull' Hurley: [about Hawk] He doesn't even belong on my arm wrestling table. That's my area, that's my game, and he's got no shittin' business there. And all I want to do is hurt him, cripple him, get him off the table. And so he never dares try to compete against me again.