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Christy Wills (Character)
from The Secret of My Succe$s (1987)

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The Secret of My Succe$s (1987)
Christy Wills: You want me to spy on him?
Howard Prescott: No, I don't want you to spy on him. I want you to get to be friends with him, and then rifle through his papers and tell me what you find.

Christy Wills: Just tell me one more time what your solution is to this crisis.
Brantley Foster: We don't cut, we expand.
[the waitress, Sheila, arrives]
Sheila: I agree. Expansion is a positive reaction to the universe, while retraction, or cutting back, or pulling off, those are all negative forces. I used to be very negative, and then I took this personality workshop - my whole life turned around. Hiya, my name's Sheila. You make a good-looking couple - how long you been going together?
Brantley Foster: About 20 minutes.
Sheila: Ohhhhh, first date, huh? Good luck.
Christy Wills: No, we're business colleagues.
Sheila: Colleagues, who needs that? You should go together. You look good together. - Oh, oh, d'you want to order?
Brantley Foster: Yeah, we need to see some menus, Sheila.
Sheila: Menus! I'm sorry. - I'm studying to be an actress. I'm a much better actress than I am a waitress. Concentration, that's my big problem. I'll be right back.
Brantley Foster: Well, Sheila's in favor of expansion.
Christy Wills: We should bring her to our next executive meeting. I think Art Thomas would like her a lot.
Brantley Foster: Sheila is also in favor of us seeing each other.
Christy Wills: Yes, well, Sheila is clearly a nut.
Sheila: [from across the room] I heard that! You should try to be more positive with your life, or you're gonna wind up miserable.
Christy Wills: [hiding behind her hand] She heard me!

Brantley Foster: What's up? You seem kind of upset.
Christy Wills: I hate men.
Brantley Foster: Well! Glad I'm not one of 'em.

Howard Prescott: Let me get this straight - Brantley is Whitfield?
Brantley Foster: That's right. Brantley is Whitfield; Whitfield is Brantley.
Vera Prescott: And Christy is the bimbo! Well, now that we've all had Mouseketeer roll call, I'm just going to go call my lawyer.
Howard Prescott: [lying] No, wait a minute. Christy is not the bimbo I was screwing around with at the office.
Christy Wills: People better stop calling me bimbo!
Howard Prescott: It was an entirely different bimbo altogether.
Vera Prescott: That's fine; how many bimbos would you say there were?
Howard Prescott: I misspoke myself. There weren't any bimbos at all.
Brantley Foster: Except Christy.
Howard Prescott: Right. No!

Brantley Foster aka Carlton Whitfield: Okay, so you don't eat lunch. Do you eat dinner?
Christy Wills: Occasionally.
Brantley Foster aka Carlton Whitfield: Tonight?
Christy Wills: Booked.
Brantley Foster aka Carlton Whitfield: Tomorrow night?
Christy Wills: Booked.
Brantley Foster aka Carlton Whitfield: All right, but don't beg, okay? It's embarrassing.

Brantley Foster: At least I didn't sleep with the boss.
Christy Wills: No, you slept with the boss's wife!

Christy Wills: I am not a bimbo!

Christy Wills: [Groans in frustration] Why do you keep saying the exact opposite of what I say?
Brantley Foster: Because you keep saying such stupid things.