Capt. Albert Wiles
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Capt. Albert Wiles (Character)
from The Trouble with Harry (1955)

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The Trouble with Harry (1955)
Capt. Wiles: Blessed are they who expect nothing, for they shall not be disappointed.

Capt. Wiles: [after Dr. Greenbow trips over the body] Couldn't have had more people here if I'd sold tickets.

Capt. Wiles: [as he sees Sam Marlowe coming] Next thing you know they'll be televising the whole thing.

Sam Marlowe: Let's get Harry and pop him in.
Capt. Wiles: With hasty reverence.

Jennifer Rogers: I've never been to a home-made funeral before.
Capt. Wiles: I have... it's my third. All in one day...

Capt. Wiles: Coming home from Madagascar once we had a fireman on board who hit his head on a brick wall and died two days later.
Sam Marlowe: Where did he find a brick wall on board a ship?
Capt. Wiles: Mmmm... that's what we always wondered.

Sam Marlowe: I think, Captain Wiles, we're tangled up in a murder.
Capt. Wiles: Murder. If it's murder who dunnit?
Sam Marlowe: Who did it?
Capt. Wiles: That's what I say, whodunnit?

Capt. Wiles: I fired three bullets. Three! One for the hunting sign, one for the tin can...
Sam Marlowe: ...and one for the little man who's lying in the grave.

Miss Graveley: [Arnie puts a dead rabbit on the table while the Captain and Miss Graveley are having tea] What do you call him?
Arnie: Dead.
Capt. Wiles: Where did you get him?
Arnie: I found him.
Miss Graveley: Where did you find him?
Arnie: [Looking at the tea table] In the blueberry muffins.