Doug Masters
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Doug Masters (Character)
from Iron Eagle (1986)

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Iron Eagle (1986)
Chappy Sinclair: And shut down that music!
Doug Masters: It'll screw up my rhythm.
Chappy Sinclair: If you don't shut it down, I'll screw up somethin' else!

Doug Masters: This is Iron Eagle, he's not being moved, what's the hold-up?
Control tower operator: We are having trouble finding a jeep suitable for your, um, purposes.
Doug Masters: Bullshit, you've got a whole country full of them!
Doug Masters: You just lost a refinery!

Doug Masters: [seeing an armored truck heading right for them] Oh no! Dad, will the Maverick fire if we're still on the ground?
Col. Ted Masters: I don't know, never tried it before, why?
Doug Masters: Because something's about to have us for breakfast!

Col. Nakesh: Now you may deal directly with me now; Colonel Nakir Nakesh!
Doug Masters: And you can deal with me; Doug Masters!

[after destroying an oil refinery]
Doug Masters: Looks like they'll be importing oil this year, Chappy.

[watching Doug buzzing the motorcycle rider]
Reggie: Why don't you just land on the fool and get it over with?
Doug Masters: What's the matter, don't you feel like flying today?
Reggie: Oh flying yes, dying, no.

[trying to convince Chappy to help him]
Doug Masters: Jesus, Chappy, he's only got...
Chappy Sinclair: Three days, and if you keep talking you're gonna waste one of 'em.

Doug Masters: How can you think with that music on?
Chappy Sinclair: Aw come on, let's see what you got.

Chappy Sinclair: You like Italian?
Doug Masters: Italian?
Chappy Sinclair: Uh-huh. You can eat while you read.

[Doug is showing off his piloting skills to Chappy]
Doug Masters: How was that?
Chappy Sinclair: I thought you was a pilot, not an astronaut!

Doug Masters: Anyone ever tell you that you talk too much?
Chappy Sinclair: Yeah, my ex-wife.

Doug Masters: Chappy, I got 'em, I got all three of the guns!
Chappy Sinclair: Yeah, but one of them got me.

[Doug sees what appear to be enemy planes on his radar coming head-on while trying to escape with his father]
Doug Masters: Dad, four more MiGs jumping us!
Col. Ted Masters: Pull up hard!
Maj. Dwight Smiley: This is Blue Leader, do you read?
Doug Masters: They're ours dad, they're American! Roger Blue Leader, I've got two bandits on my ass, can you assist?
Maj. Dwight Smiley: We were about to contact the aggressor and verify his intentions. Attention unidentified aircraft, this is Major Dwight Smiley of the United States Air Force, you are following one of our F-16s in international airspace, do you wish to engage?
[both MiGs break off]
Maj. Dwight Smiley: I didn't think so.

[while briefing Doug on what to say when he needs to the Tanker in mid air, Chappy wants him to use a deeper voice like his]
Doug Masters: Dis is da Bluebird, I be ready to refuel.

Doug Masters: What is it with you, Knotcher? Can't you make it through a day without proving what an asshole you are?

Chappy Sinclair: [finding Doug watching TV instead of sleeping the night before the mission] I thought I told you to get some sleep.
Doug Masters: I'm just relaxing a little, watching some TV, I don't need much sleep for this anyway.
Chappy Sinclair: Now how the hell do you know what you need?
Doug Masters: I'm just saying I'm ready for this. You're ready aren't you Chap?
Chappy Sinclair: You think it's gonna be so easy don't you?
Doug Masters: No I don't think it's gonna be all that easy. I'm just saying I'm ready for it that's all
Chappy Sinclair: You ain't ready for shit, boy!
[goes over to a bookstand and pulls out a book and gives it to Doug]
Chappy Sinclair: Open it. Go ahead, open it.
Doug Masters: [opens it to pictures of some kids] Who are these guys?
Chappy Sinclair: A bunch of kids that thought that they were ready too.
Doug Masters: Pilots?
Chappy Sinclair: All of them.
Doug Masters: They look about 15, 16 years old.
Chappy Sinclair: That's right. All of them.
Doug Masters: So I don't know why you're so upset, Chappy. What makes them different than me?
Chappy Sinclair: Because they're dead, all of them! I had laid awake at night thinking about how fast and how brutal they died. Parts of them burning on the land, parts of them landing in the sea, some part of them burning just into nothing in the middle of the air and all of them thought that they were ready for it. When it was all over, I promised myself I'd never be part of killing kids again. That's why it took me so long to come around to helping you. Now it looks like I have us both trapped into something...
Doug Masters: [finishing Chappy's sentence] That could kill us? I know that Chappy, and those kids, I don't know what you think anymore but they knew it too. Maybe I'm not all that ready for it but who in the hell is ever ready for it? You didn't get me into this I went to you, remember? I know what we're risking here and I'm proud to be able to fly with you. Maybe I'm not all that ready but I'm damn proud.
Chappy Sinclair: [smiling] Aww enough of this nonsense, I got some work to do where, did you put that tape recorder?
Doug Masters: Ah it's in there with my stuff.
Chappy Sinclair: Hey where are you going?
Doug Masters: I just wanted to know what you're doing.
Chappy Sinclair: Why don't you see what your pillow in bed is doing I want you to be in bed in five minutes, ok? Whoa whoa hold on a minute, I almost forgot.
[pulls out a small case and Doug opens it to find a pair of wings]
Chappy Sinclair: It's my first pair I wanna loan them to you.
Doug Masters: I'll bring them back, I promise.
Chappy Sinclair: You better, now get to bed
Doug Masters: Yes sir, colonel sir!
Chappy Sinclair: [into the tape recorder] It sure is strange making you this tape. I just got done talking to you. Look at that smile on your face, the look you had the first time I told you I'd help you with your father. I never told you this before. I always have a hard time talking about my feelings. But I want you to know now that you've got more courage than anyone I've ever met and you're gonna need every ounce of it to get through this thing. Now listen I'm proud to have been by your side, and whatever happens just remember we tried and no one can take that away from us!

Doug Masters: This one's for you, Chappy.

Chappy Sinclair: [Chappy's plane is damaged and is low on fuel] Doug, I ain't gonna make it.
Doug Masters: [Chappy's plane crashes] CHAPPY!