Mitch Bradley
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Mitch Bradley (Character)
from An Unfinished Life (2005)

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An Unfinished Life (2005)
Mitch Bradley: They call 'em accidents cause it's nobody's fault.

Mitch Bradley: I know people everywhere that thought they got dealt a bad hand.

Mitch Bradley: Would you bury me next to Griffin?
Einar Gilkyson: Don't you think you oughta die first?

[last lines]
Einar Gilkyson: You think the dead really care about our lives?
Mitch Bradley: Yeah, I think they do. I think they forgive us our sins. I even think it's easy for them.
Einar Gilkyson: Griff said you had a dream about flying.
Mitch Bradley: Yeah. I got so high, Einar, I could see where the blue turns black. From up there, you could see all there is. And it looked like there was a reason for everything.

Mitch Bradley: You got something on your mind this morning?
Einar Gilkyson: The goddamn bear's back.
Mitch Bradley: Well, what do you think you're gonna do about it?
Einar Gilkyson: What I should've done a year ago.

Mitch Bradley: What happened with my bear?
Einar Gilkyson: It's his own damn bear.

Einar Gilkyson: Anything else you need?
Mitch Bradley: Yeah, look in on the bear.
Einar Gilkyson: What?
Mitch Bradley: Check in on the bear.
Einar Gilkyson: Check in on the...? Why the hell would I do that?
Mitch Bradley: 'Cause I asked you to.

Mitch Bradley: [sees the bear] You. I'm not just gonna lie down here. Just keep going.

Mitch Bradley: Immigrant! I bet I come over there and hang my bad foot in your ass!

Einar Gilkyson: My son is dead.
Mitch Bradley: Your granddaughter's not, and neither are you.

Griff Gilkyson: You guys are gay, right?
Einar Gilkyson, Mitch Bradley: [both burst out laughing]
Einar Gilkyson: Well now, I'd think after almost 40 years working together, one of us would notice, don't you Mitch?
Mitch Bradley: Well Einar, I always thought you had really lovely hands.
Einar Gilkyson: You did? You never told me that.
Griff Gilkyson: I mean it's cool. Everybody needs love.
Mitch Bradley: You got that part right, little girl.

Mitch Bradley: You wanna know what I dreamed last night?
Einar Gilkyson: What?
Mitch Bradley: I dreamed you weren't such a miserable son of a bitch.
Einar Gilkyson: That's not dreaming, that's wishful thinking.

Mitch Bradley: But what I can't do is to continue to lie here every day and watch you mourn for a life you think you should have had. There are people everywhere who think they got dealt a bad hand, Einar.