Jean Gilkyson
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Jean Gilkyson (Character)
from An Unfinished Life (2005)

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An Unfinished Life (2005)
Einar Gilkyson: I don't want you here.
Jean Gilkyson: Well, at least we agree on something. I don't wanna be here either.

Jean Gilkyson: I always think of you first.
Griff Gilkyson: Then it should start to show.

Griff Gilkyson: What's in Wyoming?
Jean Gilkyson: It's where your grandfather lives.
Griff Gilkyson: I have a grandfather?
Jean Gilkyson: Not much of one.

Nina: I thought you said you were used to being on your feet.
Jean Gilkyson: I'm not used to telling everyone I meet where I've been the last ten years.
Nina: Well... tell 'em you went crazy. Tell 'em you've been locked up.
Jean Gilkyson: That's what I've been telling 'em.

Jean Gilkyson: What do you want, Gary?
Gary Watson: It's time to come home, baby. I love you, Jean.
Jean Gilkyson: You love me?
[punches him in the face]
Jean Gilkyson: That's what your love feels like!

Jean Gilkyson: They're good enchiladas... served by good people. I'm a good person. I'm also one who's taken more than her fair share of shit from men. I couldn't take a pinch of crap from two little cheesedicks like you.

Jean Gilkyson: Do you think I'm a shitty mother?
Nina: No. I think you're doing the best you can.

Jean Gilkyson: I flipped a coin. Griffin fliped a coin and I lost. So I was the one who was driving. It was 3 o'clock in the morning and we were both tired. We wanted to make it in time for the rodeo in Great Falls.

Jean Gilkyson: I killed him, Einar. Is that what you wanna hear? It wasn't the change in our pockets, or the weak ass coffee, or the rain. It was me. I fell asleep and I flipped the car six times. I killed Griffin. He had no argument from me. You think it's something I forget. You think that I'm not sick with it, that I hate my life? But I tried to keep living, and you haven't. Is that why you hate me so much? You know, you act like I killed you when Griffin died.

Jean Gilkyson: We can go anywhere we want.
Griff Gilkyson: How 'bout "Loving, New Mexico"?
Jean Gilkyson: I like that.
Griff Gilkyson: Me too.
[reading more]
Griff Gilkyson: "Topeka". "Santa Cruz". Oh my gosh, there's a "Butt, Montana".
Jean Gilkyson: It's pronounced "Bute".