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Carla Rodrigo (Character)
from Fearless (1993)

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Fearless (1993)
Carla: This is a German car?
Max: Swedish!
Carla: It's very sturdy.
Max: It's a very safe car - a very safe car, and I'm an excellent driver. I've never been in an accident - well at least not while behind the wheel. But even strapped in to all of this marvelous technology of the reenforced doors and roof - we could still get crushed.

Carla Rodrigo: So what are you saying? That there's no God, but there's you?

Carla Rodrigo: You told me I was going to be safe with you.
Max Klein: You're safe. You're safe because we died already.

[after Max crashes his car with Carla in it]
Brillstein: Just between us, what happened?
Carla Rodrigo: He was showing me something.
Brillstein: What, that brick walls are hard?

Carla: You can't save everybody, Max, you gotta try taking care of yourself.