Max Klein
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Max Klein (Character)
from Fearless (1993)

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Fearless (1993)
Carla: This is a German car?
Max: Swedish!
Carla: It's very sturdy.
Max: It's a very safe car - a very safe car, and I'm an excellent driver. I've never been in an accident - well at least not while behind the wheel. But even strapped in to all of this marvelous technology of the reenforced doors and roof - we could still get crushed.

Max: Pray for us. This is the hour of our death.

Max Klein: [talking to God] You want to kill me but you can't!

Laura Klein: Why didn't you call and say you were alive?
Max Klein: I thought I was dead.

Max Klein: Let's buy gifts for the dead!

Max: People don't believe in god so much as they choose not to believe in nothing.

Dr. Bill Perlman: She won't talk. Very Catholic. Old World, you know. Full of guilt, shame.
Max Klein: I'm full of guilt and shame. How is that Old World?

Carla Rodrigo: You told me I was going to be safe with you.
Max Klein: You're safe. You're safe because we died already.

Max Klein: Did you hear that?
Jeff Gordon: Max, this is a very important meeting. I need you to calm down. I need you to be with me. All right? God, you're such a neurotic.
Max Klein: Something's not right.
[an explosion rocks the cabin, and the passengers scream]
Max Klein: Oh shit!
Pilot: [over the P.A., frantically] This is your Captain. Please return to your seats, put your tray tables up and fasten your seatbelts.
Flight Attendant: Ladies and gentlemen, please be sure to fasten your seatbelts tightly around your waist! The flight attendants will be coming by to collect all your trays!
[the cabin shakes heavily, bags drop from the overhead compartments]
Passenger #2: Is everything okay?
Flight Attendant: We're just fine. We just hit a little unexpected turbulence.
Pilot: [over the P.A., calmly] This is your Captain speaking.
Passenger #1: I don't think this is turbulence!
Pilot: We're experiencing problems with our hydraulic system.
Max Klein: The hydraulics!
Jeff Gordon: What?
Max Klein: [screaming] He can't steer! We're going down!
[the plane starts spiraling down]

[to himself]
Max Klein: This is it. This is the moment of your death.

Max Klein: [comforting a child during plane crash] Put you head down... it will be over soon. Now close your eyes... everything is wonderful.

Max: [as the airplane is about to crash] Everything's okay.

Max Klein: People say they want to know the truth, but what they really want to know is that they already know the truth.

Cindy Dickens: Mr. Klein, I'm Cindy Dickens of Intercity Air, and I'm here to help get you home.
Max: Well that's nice, no one's taken me home since the 1st grade.

Dr. Bill Perlman: You think I'm a fraud.
Max: It's been 3 months since the crash, and I haven't thought of you at all.

Laura Klein: We have lived together for 16 years. They have been great.
Max: Eh, not always.
Laura Klein: Yes, always. They've always been great for me. Even when I hate you, I know I love you.

Max: The United States is finished. But you and me, we're in peak condition.