Joe Armstrong
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Joe Armstrong (Character)
from American Ninja (1985)

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American Ninja (1985)
Jackson: Listen to what I'm saying. With your skills, we could make some easy money.
Joe: Jackson, I don't want to fight, I hate crowds, and I don't need money.

Shinyuki: These symbols will give your mind ultimate purpose. Gin, Retsu, Zai, Zen.
Joe: Kobudera!
Shinyuki: The Kobudera. Ninja magic. Ninjitsu-to, the ability to seem invisible to cause fear and paralisis in your enemies.

Shinyuki: You are ready, my son. I will be with you indeed and in my heart. Follow the Bushido.
Joe: I will honor the code, father.

Shinyuki: The Black Star Ninja has betrayed the code.
Joe: Then... he must die.

Ortega: American! You have thirty seconds to surrender or I kill your girlfriend!
Patricia: Joe, don't do it!
Ortega: [slapping her] Twenty seconds! Maybe you don't like her as much as she thinks you do! Five! Four!
Joe: [Throws down his weapons] Now let her go!
Ortega: Letting her go wasn't part of the deal!

Joe: Don't push it.
Jackson: Good. Very good. I touched somethin'.

Jackson: You don't need money. Hey, what'cha need? Glad to see you're still human. She's cute, isn't she?
Joe: Who?
Jackson: Whooo? Hey look, you may have kicked my ass. But you did not make me blind.
Joe: Jackson, she's the colonel's daughter.
Jackson: I know, but nobody's perfect. But she is cute, isn't she? Isn't she? Huh? Yeah, yeah, yeah. You're jiggling. You're jiggling. I knew I've touched something again. Ha ha ha, yeah.

American Ninja 4: The Annihilation (1990)
Joe Armstrong: Sean... you can find me at the school.