Frank Bigelow
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Frank Bigelow (Character)
from D.O.A. (1950)

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D.O.A. (1950)
Dr. MacDonald: Of course, I'll have to notify the police. This is a case for Homicide.
Frank Bigelow: Homicide?
Dr. MacDonald: I don't think you fully understand, Bigelow. You've been murdered.

Frank Bigelow: Forget the bills. You know that coat you want? Get it.
Paula Gibson: You are drunk.

Frank Bigelow: I can breathe and I can move, but I'm not alive because I took that poison, and nothing can save me.

[first lines]
Homicide Detective: Can I help you?
Frank Bigelow: I'd like to see the man in charge.
Homicide Detective: In here...
Frank Bigelow: I want to report a murder.
Homicide Captain: Sit down. Where was this murder committed?
Frank Bigelow: San Francisco, last night.
Homicide Captain: Who was murdered?
Frank Bigelow: I was.

Frank Bigelow: The woman always gets hurt more than the man.

Paula Gibson: Frank, I don't know how to say this.
Frank Bigelow: Say what?
Paula Gibson: Well, what I want to say is that there's nothing you can do that you ever have to feel guilty about.

Frank Bigelow: Who's the blonde?
Eddie: Oh she's one of the chicks that hang around here, she's jive crazy.

Frank Bigelow: What's the matter with him?
Eddie: Ah he's flipped, the music's driving him crazy.

Kitty: I've never seen you in here before.
Frank Bigelow: That's because I've never been here.

Frank Bigelow: Do you realise what you're saying, you're telling me that I'm dead!

Frank Bigelow: You're in this right up to your pretty little neck.

Frank Bigelow: [Referring to Reynolds] You're mighty careful about the picture of a man you haven't heard from in months.
[Referring to a signature on the photo]
Frank Bigelow: What does the 'Ray' stand for?
Marla Rakubian: It was a pet name! Do you mind?
Frank Bigelow: It all sounds very cozy, Miss Rakubian! You and Reynolds call each other pet names while you make a sucker out of Philips!
Marla Rakubian: Philips made the deal because he wanted it!
Frank Bigelow: Yeah, I'll bet you weren't above using what it takes to make him want it! Who's paying for this trip?
Marla Rakubian: I am!
Frank Bigelow: Really? A first class trip to Buenos Aires on a model's salary? Don't make me laugh! Since you and Reynolds won't be seeing each other anymore, you don't mind if I keep this, do you?
[He folds the photo and puts it in his inside suit pocket]
Marla Rakubian: If I were a man, I'd punch your dirty face in!
Frank Bigelow: You know I really believe you would!

Frank Bigelow: Give it to me straight doc!
Dr. MacDonald: You won't feel to bad for a while... Then it will happen suddenly. A day, two days... a week at the most.
Frank Bigelow: [in a daze] A day?... Two days?...
Dr. MacDonald: There's nothing that can be done now. If it was caught in time, your stomach could have been washed out, but you've had it for some time now haven't you Bigelow?
Frank Bigelow: [still in a daze] I don't know!
Dr. MacDonald: [surprised] You don't know?
Frank Bigelow: No!
Dr. MacDonald: Don't you know how you got it?
Frank Bigelow: No!
Dr. MacDonald: This is no accident. Somebody knew how to handle that stuff.This poison is tasteless and odorless. The amount of alcohol in your body, you must have got it in liquor...
Frank Bigelow: I was drinking last night
Dr. MacDonald: I'll arrange for your admission to the hospital immediately. But I will have to notify the police first.
Frank Bigelow: Police?
Dr. MacDonald: This a case for homicide.
Frank Bigelow: Homocide?
Dr. MacDonald: I don't think you fully understand Bigelow... You've been murdered!