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Quotes for
Bob (Character)
from SLC Punk! (1998)

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SLC Punk! (1998)
Stevo: Do you love her?
Bob: I don't know. I'd have to think about that.
Stevo: It's not really a thinking question.

Stevo: It really makes you think, doesn't it, Bob?
Bob: Think what?
Stevo: That chemistry's the WRONG FUCKING MAJOR FOR A GUY LIKE YOU. It's the wrong major, Bob.
Bob: Well you shoud still lay off the acid.

Bob: You know that shit you guys do? You're fucking yourself up man. Fucking acid. Acid; it never leaves your body. It's in your fucking spinal cord forever. Let me tell you something about the nature of chemicals man: You know that dude Napoleon? Yeah. Uh, he was banished to an island when the French got sick of him. That's right. He supposedly died of stomach problems, right? wrong! He was actually poisoned over a long period of time. Murdered by arsenic; a preservative. And you know how?
Stevo: No idea.
Bob: His hair.
Stevo: His hair?
Bob: His fucking hair. It was arsenic. You could tell how long he was being poisoned by following the traces of poison up his hair. Dude, dude, dude, if you do enough hits of it you're dead!
Stevo: It really makes you think, doesn't it Bob?
Bob: Think? Think what?
Stevo: That chemistry's the wrong fucking major for a guy like you. It's the wrong major, Bob!
Bob: Well you should lay off the acid anyways man.

Liquor Store Man: What the hell are you?
Stevo: ooo, we come from the east in search of the Messiah! We followed that big star
[points upwards]
Eddie: Yeah, we bring gold, and frankincense.
Stevo: [Still pointing upwards] You see it?
Eddie: and myrrh.
Stevo, Eddie: Myrrh.
Liquor Store Man: You do what?
Stevo: Followed the star.
Liquor Store Man: Oh my God. Who let you boys out of the state institute? We'd better get you boys back in the hospital.
Bob: No, no, no, no, no, it's all right, man. We're from England.
Liquor Store Man: England?
Bob: Yeah, that's right. That's probably why we seem so weird to you, man.
Liquor Store Man: England, huh? Well that explains it I guess.

Heroin Bob: Well, it's a crazy fucked up world and we're all just floating along waiting for someone who can walk on water, man.

Bob: Hey Eddie, do you like this music?
Eddie: Yeah. It rocks!
Bob: Well I think this music's for posers.
Eddie: [brief pause] Well i think you're a fag.
Stevo: FAG!

Bob: So, you see any land around here?
Sean: Nope, just water.

Bob: Sean, what are you doin' outside man?
Sean: you're him?
Bob: ...yeah... I'm him
Sean: [claps hands together] JESUS! Have i sinned or am i goin' to heaven?
Bob: [laughing] you're fryin' man, how much acid did you take?
Sean: you're not Jesus... you're Bob
Bob: I'm Bob!... how goes it?
Sean: how are you doin' that?
Bob: doin' what?
Sean: walkin' on water? if i get off this chair I'll drown, you wanna know what Bob? 'Cause i cant swim!
Bob: oh, i get it! so Sean, d'you see land anywhere?
Sean: [looking around] no... just water... say Bob, You ARE Jesus.
Bob: Thats Right, I am, why do you ask?
Sean: ...Satan, is in the house, he killed my Mom and turned her into a bull!
Cops: [after flashback to a scene with Sean threatening his mother with a knife but being scared by Satan and a bull, his mother]
[bob waves to Seans mum at the window who reluctantly waves back]
Cops: [the Cops pull in] Put your hands in the air and slowly turn around!
Sean: [happy as happy can be] I'M SAVED
Bob: yeah... sure Sean... you're saved...

Bob: You know that shit you guys do? You're fucking yourselves up man. Fucking acid, acid, it never leaves the body. It's in your fucking spinal cord forever.

Bob: You're pretty fucking weird you know that?

Bob: Chemicals man, they'll fuck you up.

Stevo: [to Mark who is leaving Salt Lake City] If you ever get lonely, if you ever need someone to talk to... Bob's here for you.
Mark: Hey Stevo.
[good naturedly]
Mark: Fuck you.
Stevo, Bob: Noooo. Fuuuccckkkk yooouuuuuuu.

Sean: You know what Bob? You ARE Jesus!
Heroin Bob: That's right... Why do you ask?

Sean: No, you're not Jesus, you're Bob!
Bob: I'm Bob!

Sean: [Police cars pull up to arrest Sean] I'm saved!
Heroin Bob: Sure Sean, you're saved.

Bob: Fuck you!
Stevo: No, fuck yourself. You'd get more pussy.

Young Bob: How about, how about we turn this off?
Young Stevo: Don't touch my stereo, Bob.
Young Bob: Give it a chance, give me a chance. I got this from a guy I know in L.A.
Young Stevo: You know a guy in L.A.?
Young Bob: You tell ME... this doesn't rock.
[stereo starts playing "Kiss Me Deadly"]
Young Stevo: This isn't anything.
Young Bob: Just give it a chance.
Young Stevo: [pause] ... Well, what is it?
Young Bob: What is it?
Young Stevo: Yeah, what is it, Bob?
Young Bob: It's new.