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Quotes for
Mark (Character)
from SLC Punk! (1998)

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SLC Punk! (1998)
Mark: That's what's wrong with you Americans, you're always looking for pain.
Mike: Yeah well... it pains me to hear you say that, Mark, it really does.


Mike: So Mark. how you doin' old man?
Mark: FUCK! I'm not old motherfucker.
Mike: Oh no, I just... no, I mean... you're older than anyone else here.
Mark: It depends on how you look at it. I'm young in my heart! Younger then any of these assholes over there.

Stevo: [to Mark who is leaving Salt Lake City] If you ever get lonely, if you ever need someone to talk to... Bob's here for you.
Mark: Hey Stevo.
[good naturedly]
Mark: Fuck you.
Stevo, Bob: Noooo. Fuuuccckkkk yooouuuuuuu.

[handing Stevo a bag of weed]
Mark: Here you go, but be careful, that stuff'll make you stupid.
[Someone throws a beer can at Stevo]
Stevo: FUCK YOU.
Mark: Well, stupider than you already are.

Mark: Now you see the problem with water beds is that they have these waves like this,
[makes motions of waves with hands]
Mark: Right? But you see this water bed is special,
[draws his hands across the bed]
Mark: , you see? It has no waves.
Stevo: Why didn't you just get a normal bed... that has no waves?
[awkward silence]
Mark: But this HAS no waves.