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Quotes for
Rod (Character)
from 100 Girls (2000)

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100 Girls (2000)
Rod: Man, take it easy, and if she's easy, take her twice.

Rod: Oh, yeah, nice from a far, but far from nice.

Rod: You're pathetic man. I mean you lose your virginity and you don't even get the girls name.
Matthew: [pointing at the weight dangling between Rod's legs] What the hell is that?
Rod: It's penile power man. I got it out of an ad in a magazine. I mean, it's going to help me increase my length and girth, all just by hanging weights from my cock, man. Check it out man. I'm up to five pounds.

Rod: But check it out, this penile power thing, it's going to help me you know, increase my libido, help me maintain a full, firm erection and it's gonna help me control my ejaculation baby, so I'm going to be going all night long.

Rod: You know, all you gotta do is find the matching bra to those panties and bam! Mystery solved!
Matthew: That's not a half bad idea.
Rod: Yeah.

Rod: What are you? A Wyllie E. Coyote super genius or something?
Matthew: Yeah. Something like that.
Rod: Wait, the Coyote never caught the Roadrunner.

Rod: [to Matthew] Do you have any suspects yet?

Rod: So what are you gonna do about this girl, huh?
Matthew: You know what, she left these
[handing Rod a pair of panties]
Rod: Let me see them.
Rod: I don't recognize this one.
Matthew: Hey, give them back.

Matthew: Y'know, I wonder why God equipped women with all the weapons for seduction.
Rod: What do you mean?
Matthew: Well, take the breast for example. You have the bosom, the areola, the nipple. I mean, those are three concentric circles. In other words, it's a bullseye! It's no wonder the breast is the target for all men.
Rod: Wow. That's profound.
Matthew: And men are grotesque. I'm not just talking about the little habits we have...
[Rod starts cleaning his ears with his car keys]
Matthew: cleaning our ears with our car keys. I mean, we're grotesque to the core. I mean, look at the penis. The penis... it just looks like God had some left-over skin when he was making elbow, and He decided to slap it in our groin...
Rod: Hey, get that outta here! It freaks me out, ok?
Matthew: I mean, the penis is the first to shrivel when it's cold, it's the first to shrink in fear. The penis is a coward. It's a cowardly flap of left-over elbow flesh.
Rod: Maybe you wouldn't think that way if you had a little of my Penile Power, baby!

Rod: You're never gonna get in that virgin vault man. They don't let boys on the girl's side.