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Quotes for
Max (Character)
from Made (2001)

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Made (2001)
Max: [midst of instructions for NY trip] Yes, for expenses and such. Now, you'll be contacted on your pager as to where you should go. You each have been given an extra battery, so there is absolutely no excuse as to why a page would not be immediately returned. Am I making myself abundantly clear?
Bobby: Yeah.
Ricky Slade: Yeah.
Max: You will not carry any other pagers with you. You will not carry anything, for that matter, that I have not just given you.
Ricky Slade: Keys.
Max: What?
Ricky Slade: What about my keys?
Max: You can carry your keys. You will not mention my name or imply that you are in my employ. You will not speak to anyone while you are working. When you are not working, you are considered to be on call and available twenty four hours a day. This means you will not get drunk or do anything that will prevent you from operating in a professional manner. There is already a number in your pager's memory. It is a car service. When they ask you what account, you will respond: 'Cardiff Giant.' They will pick you up and take you anywhere you need to go. In other words, there is no reason why you should not reach any destination that you will be called upon to reach within fifteen minutes. Do you see a pattern forming?
Ricky Slade: Yes.
Bobby: Yes.
Max: What is it?
Bobby: You want
[Max interrupts]
Max: Not you. I want Ricky to answer.
Ricky Slade: I get it.
Max: Tell me.
Ricky Slade: Don't worry. I get it.
Max: So tell me how it is.
Ricky Slade: You want
[stop in mid sentence]
Ricky Slade: why are you picking on.
Max: Because you lost my fucking carpet cleaning van and I don't like you. You cocksucker!