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Quotes for
Det. Jimmy Detillo (Character)
from Striking Distance (1993)

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Striking Distance (1993)
Jimmy Detillo: I got a new game. Everybody dies.

Jimmy Detillo: You shot your own son? There goes that gold watch

Tom Hardy: [Jimmy and Hardy are fighting on the bridge after the boat chase on the river... Hardy has the chain of his handcuffs around Jimmy's neck] You like to jump off bridges?
Jimmy Detillo: No, of course not
[Hardy pulls both of them off the bridge and into the river below]
Jimmy Detillo: .

[repeatedl line]
Jimmy Detillo: Now we gotta us a game.

Jimmy Detillo: Did you get fucked? Because Tommy's made a living out of fucking his partners

Jimmy Detillo: Who's the best cop?
Tom Hardy: You Jimmy... always you