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Quotes for
Det. Eddie Eiler (Character)
from Striking Distance (1993)

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Striking Distance (1993)
Det. Eddie Eiler: [Eiler comes up to Hardy to unlock his handcuffs after the showdown with Jimmy at the river... Hardy hands the cuffs to Eiler, who shakes his head slowly] I was a real shithead, Tommy. Perhaps you want to take a swing at me.
Tom Hardy: What good would it do, Eddie?
[thinks for a moment, then delivers a right hook to Eiler's jaw]
Tom Hardy: On the other hand...
[walks off]

Det. Eddie Eiler: [Hardy, hobbling on a crutch, arrives at the bridge, where Jimmy is preparing to jump after being arraigned on charges of police brutality on Hardy's own testimony... Eiler is at the bridge] What, you're going to give him a push?

Det. Eddie Eiler: You belong on the river, you fuckin' rat!