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Mark Petrie (Character)
from Salem's Lot (1979) (TV)

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"Salem's Lot" (2004)
Susan Norton: Maybe Barlow is just a regular serial killer?
Mark Petrie: You wish.

Mark Petrie: [Mark is standing at the entrance to the Marsten House cellar, but he is unable to go farther, despite wanting to help Susan, who is held down there] Susan!
Susan Norton: Mark? I can't see, it's so dark.
[Barlow bites her offscreen]
Susan Norton: Ohhhhh...
Kurt Barlow: Come down, boy.
Mark Petrie: I know your name!
Kurt Barlow: I admire you, come down for a taste.
Mark Petrie: It's Barlow!
Kurt Barlow: There's enough here for two, why would you run, boy?
[Mark flees out of a window and out of the Marsten House]

Susan Norton: [whispering] I can hear my heart beating.
Mark Petrie: I can hear your heart beating, too.

Mark Petrie: You guys hear about the hippie vampire? He's ghoul, man. Real ghoul.

Salem's Lot (1979) (TV)
Danny Glick: [vampirized Danny is at Mark's window] Open the window. Open the window, Mark. Open the window, Mark. Please! Let me in! It's OK, Mark, I'm your friend. *He* commands it!
[sees Mark start to open window, but then resist]
Danny Glick: No, Mark!
[Mark turns and picks up a cross from his table model of a churchyard. He holds it up to Danny at the window]
Danny Glick: Aghhh!
Mark Petrie: Go away.
[Danny tries to resist]
Mark Petrie: Go away!
[Danny retreats and disappears into mist]

Mark Petrie: [reading from his speech] 1951. A fire started in the old mill. It spread rapidly on both sides of Griffin Road and burned towards the Marsten House on Pabiscuitti Hill.

Mark Petrie: [shouts] What did you do to her?
Straker: I've taken her to where she wished to go... To meet the man she came here to meet.
[closes door]

Ben Mears: [startled on seeing a blue light emanating from bottle of holy water in his hand] They've found us again... Another has found us.
Mark Petrie: [approaches] We have to go further.
Ben Mears: Not yet.