Jamal King
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Jamal King (Character)
from How High (2001)

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How High (2001)
Jamal: How did I fail women's studies? I love bitches!

Silas: So, you trying to get something to bring your nerves down too, huh?
Jamal: Yeah. I figure if I study high, take the test high, get high scores! Right?
Silas: Right.
Jamal and Silas: Right...

[after Harvard is described to them]
Silas: Shit, I'll fucks witcha!
Jamal: Shit, I'll fucks witcha, too!
Huntley: And that's a good thing?
Jamal: Yes. That's a "yes"!
Huntley: Then we'll 'fox' with each other.

Bart: I'm the captian of the crew team, Jermaine.
Jamal: The name's JAMAL, and I'll FUCK yo' crew up! Who are dey?

Silas: Those look like they're still in high school, yo.
Jamal: If there's grass on the infield, play ball!

Amir: I remain here solely for the purpose of hooking up with Harvard women. Short ones, tall ones, skinny ones, chunky ones...
Jamal: Man, I love me a fat chick, man. More cushin' for the pushin'!

Bart: [Jamal is rowing pathetically] What are you doing, Hip-hop hooray? Paddle! Paddle like a man, get jiggy with it or something!
Mamma King: [Mamma King appears in the sky] Jamal! What is ya ass doin' in a boat. Oh I see, you've been smoking too much ganja huh.
Spectator: [noticing her] It's so huge!
Mamma King: Well, I guess you might have to just come back home and live with me!
Jamal: OH HELL NO!
Mamma King: Did you curse at me!
Jamal: [Jamal starts paddling as hard as he can]
[to Bart]
Jamal: Row motherfucker ROW!

Silas: This class is fucking boring I'm out of here.
Dean Carl Cain: Uh, excuse me did I hear you say something?
Silas: With all do respect sir, suck my dick.
Jeffery: No sir, I'm not saying anything. It's... it's these guys.
Silas: You're an asshole.
Dean Carl Cain: Did you just call me an asshole?
Jamal: No I said idiot.
Dean Carl Cain: An idiot.
Jeffery: No sir, no sir, I...
Dean Carl Cain: What did you say?
Jeffery: I said that this school has nice halls.
Dean Carl Cain: This is not funny.
Silas: You couldn't teach your way out of kindergarten class, dean.
Dean Carl Cain: I think we had enough interruptions for today. I think you should leave.
Jeffery: Sir...
[gets ready to walk out of the class]
Silas: This would have never happened if I were black.
[class laughs]

Jamal: I'm a ghost ghost ghost ghost ghost ghost ghost.

Jamal: You see, the system is geared to put most of the wealth into the hands of a few.
Jamal: Fo shou!
Jeffery: Fo shou...
Silas: Oh you don't know shit, I'ma learn you though, I'ma learn you.