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Quotes for
Crazy Pete (Character)
from Now and Then (1995)

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Now and Then (1995)
Crazy Pete: I don't want to see a lot of people, I don't think they want to see a lot of me.

Crazy Pete: Things will happen in your life that you can't stop. But that's no reason to shut out the world.

Young Samantha Albertson: [walking to Dear Johnny's grave to lay flowers and sees Crazy Pete putting flowers on Johnny and his mothers grave] You're Peter Sims
Crazy Pete: [nods in agreement, turns to face the headstones] They were my family...
Young Samantha Albertson: It was a terrible thing that happened to them... I'm sorry...
Crazy Pete: For the longest time I thought I could've stopped it... I would've been home... Instead of down at that bar...
Young Samantha Albertson: But you were there for me...
Crazy Pete: I've wasted a lot of years... Afraid to face people, but mostly afraid to face myself...
Young Samantha Albertson: [takes Pete's hand] I'm scared too...
Crazy Pete: [smiles] What's you're name?
Young Samantha Albertson: Samantha...
Crazy Pete: Well Samantha... Things will happen in your life that you can't stop... But that's no reason to shut out the world... There's a purpose for the good and for the bad...
Samantha: [Older Samantha's voice narrating] He gave me the only gift he could... The lesson that had taken him a lifetime to learn... And although I understood the importance of his words... It's only now looking back that I understand their meaning