Eddie Nash
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Eddie Nash (Character)
from Wonderland (2003)

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Wonderland (2003)
Eddie Nash: You're going to do to those guys on Wonderland, what you did to me!

John Holmes: Eddie, l'm not lying. You just got to give those fucking fucks back their fucking guns.
Eddie Nash: Fuck you and fuck your friends! You want the guns from the Nash? Motherfuck! Come up and take them from the Nash.

Ron Launius: You like this? You fucking sand nigger. You fucking greaseball.
Eddie Nash: l'm gonna find out who you are, you cocksucker motherfuckers. l'm gonna tear your fucking eyes out!
Ron Launius: [Sticks a gun barrel in Nash's mouth] Suck this, you sand jockey faggot. Suck this. Give me the fucking combination to the safe!