David Lind
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David Lind (Character)
from Wonderland (2003)

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Wonderland (2003)
Louis Cruz: Wait a minute... John Holmes? Thee John Holmes? Johnny Wadd partyed at Wonderland?
David Lind: All the time. The guy is a fucking coke head. He's up to his neck in this shit.
Sam Nico: All right, who's John Holmes?
Louis Cruz: The porn king. Sam, the guy's a legend.
Sam Nico: Never heard of him.

David Lind: JOHN! He was the only one who knew about the Nash hit. That piece of shit ratted us out! Let Nash in and got my butterfly, Barbara, killed!

David Lind: Billy. Billy was a good old boy. Solid. Depenable. He wanted to get out of the life but the life, was just to good. See they were getting large quanties of shit, dirty cheap, steppin on it five, six times and then dumpin it all over town. Business was so good that they needed an extra hand which is when Barbara, and I showed up. When we pulled up the party was in full swing bodies were everywhere. It was the kind of place that made you think that you were right back in the summer of love. Me, and Barb have been on the road all day long and, all I can think about was a place to crash. But when I walked up the Stairs I saw all the old friends, all the smilies, god damn if it didn't feel good to be Home.