John Holmes
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John Holmes (Character)
from Wonderland (2003)

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Wonderland (2003)
John Holmes: Where do you want to go?
Dawn: Anywhere. Everywhere.

John Holmes: You've got to do it. If you don't, I'm dead.
Sharon Holmes: You're already dead.

John Holmes: [to Dawn] I think we should just be friends until you're 20.

John Holmes: Okay Bill, I'm gonna tell you a story. It's a story called 'Wonderland'. Wonderland's the house everyone on the whole mountain hope's would burn down.

John Holmes: There's this house on Wonderland. The lease was in Joy's name. Joy Miller. She was a rich westie that got all junked up, got cancer, both breasts removed, still shooting junk. Her old man, Billy Deverll, is a kind of dumb hick who couldn't really make up his mind about anything without a guy like Ron Launius around to come up with an idea. Ronny's crazy and unpredictable, but always good with me until he got hooked up with one of the sleaziest scumbags to ever come down the pike. A dude from Sacramento... a biker. This guy is a stone cold killer, a liar, theft, and a rapist.
Billy Ward: What's his name?
John Holmes: David Lind. Don't believe a word he says!

Billy Ward: John. Were you present when the murders happened?
John Holmes: No.
Billy Ward: Did you see a murder?
John Holmes: No. Bill are you calling me a murderer?

Ron Launius: John Holmes, this is my business partner David Lind.
John Holmes: Hey, what's up? Now, the deal with the Arab is...
Ron Launius: John. This is my business partner, Dave.
John Holmes: Oh. Cool. Hey. So, I was just telling Ronny about this business prostitution that I got about this Arab who is a really wealthy businessman and he calls me brother and he literally has mountains of cash... and drugs.

John Holmes: Five people are dead Sharon, they were murdered, up on Wonderland.

Ron Launius: What the fuck am I going to do with a microwave?
John Holmes: You can heat food with it.
Ron Launius: The only thing I want to heat up right now is some dope.

John Holmes: Eddie, l'm not lying. You just got to give those fucking fucks back their fucking guns.
Eddie Nash: Fuck you and fuck your friends! You want the guns from the Nash? Motherfuck! Come up and take them from the Nash.

Barbie: I'd love to show you the boat.
John Holmes: Is this your boat?
Barbie: No. It's his.
[Barbie points to Eddie Nash who approaches them]

John Holmes: And those people at Wonderland? They'll never laugh at me again. They got theirs with a lead pipe, and I'm still here surviving.