Ron Launius
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Ron Launius (Character)
from Wonderland (2003)

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Wonderland (2003)
Billy Deverell: [on the phone] You are not gonna believe who we just FUCKING NAILED! Guess again, motherfucker! Guess again! Hold on, Ron wants to tell you...
Ron Launius: EDDIE NASH!

Ron Launius: Put it away, John. The whole party didn't come here to see your cock.

Ron Launius: Ah, you must be Barbara. You enjoying yourself?
Barbara Richardson: Yeah, this is the best party I've ever been to.
Ron Launius: Well it's only the beginning baby L.A. in the summer anything could happen right.

Ron Launius: John Holmes, this is my business partner David Lind.
John Holmes: Hey, what's up? Now, the deal with the Arab is...
Ron Launius: John. This is my business partner, Dave.
John Holmes: Oh. Cool. Hey. So, I was just telling Ronny about this business prostitution that I got about this Arab who is a really wealthy businessman and he calls me brother and he literally has mountains of cash... and drugs.

Ron Launius: What the fuck am I going to do with a microwave?
John Holmes: You can heat food with it.
Ron Launius: The only thing I want to heat up right now is some dope.

Ron Launius: You like this? You fucking sand nigger. You fucking greaseball.
Eddie Nash: l'm gonna find out who you are, you cocksucker motherfuckers. l'm gonna tear your fucking eyes out!
Ron Launius: [Sticks a gun barrel in Nash's mouth] Suck this, you sand jockey faggot. Suck this. Give me the fucking combination to the safe!