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Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (2005) (VG)
JD O'Toole: Oh God, I can't believe this. Why am I to blame? It's not my fault. But you know Salvatore, he's gonna get the vice squad on my ass. Oh my God, it's gonna be like those statutory rape charges. Have you ever been in prison on statutory rape charges, man? They come at you in the showers! Oh my God, and she was 18! Oh my God! This is gonna be worse!
Toni Cipriani: Listen you babbling cock sucker, what in God's name is wrong?
JD O'Toole: It's Salvatore. He was kidnapped while leaving the club.
Toni Cipriani: Why didn't you say so? Instead of making me listen to that crap. Come on.

JD O'Toole: Oh God, I can't believe it. He is gonna cut my balls off. He's gonna put them in a vice! Not necessarily in that order. Oh God! I feel like the day the FBI searched my hard drive!

Toni Cipriani: Hey! JD, get out here! Hey JD, you little sicko, get the fuck out here, before I come in there and break your legs!
JD O'Toole: [JD emerges wearing a gimp suit] I'm coming... but not like that, hahaha! Hey, Toni, que pasa? Give us a hug.
Toni Cipriani: [pushes JD away] Whoa, you're sticky!
JD O'Toole: Oh, it's the stripper stuff they put all over me, you know. They like it, you know. They put it anywhere and uh... so, how you doing?
Toni Cipriani: What the fuck are you wearing?
JD O'Toole: What, this? I'm an adventurous lover. You know I like... an experimental side, y'know? Nothing wrong with that, huh? You can watch if you like.
Toni Cipriani: Oh, you're sick. You better shut the fuck up right now.
JD O'Toole: Okay, relax, Toni...
Toni Cipriani: Where's my money?
JD O'Toole: See, that's the problem. We are getting ripped off. Alright, now you wait here. I gotta go change out of, uh... this thing, you know.
[goes back inside]
JD O'Toole: Hey Raven, time to put away the double ender.

JD O'Toole: Toni first drinks on me!