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Sergeant Jerry Martinez (Character)
from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (2006) (VG)

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (2006) (VG)
Lance Vance: Hey, Vic. Like the new threads?
Victor 'Vic' Vance: Terrifying. I need to use the phone
[Calls Martinez]
Jerry Martinez: Yeah?
Victor 'Vic' Vance: Thanks for the coke, Martinez. Now you know how it feels to get fucked.
Jerry Martinez: Oh, you fucked us both, Vic. That coke you ripped off belonged to the Mendez brothers. I was just the shepherd. Now we're all on their shit list and the only way off is in a fucking bag. I'm turning states. I'm gonna ruin you, you brother, Mendez, everyone! Happy Holidays.
Victor 'Vic' Vance: [Hangs up and turn to Lance] Lance! You useless degenerate asshole!

Jerry Martinez: Hey, Victor Vance! Did anybody ever tell you you got a really dumb name?

Jerry Martinez: [watching a porno] Is that legal? Can animals give consent?

Jerry Martinez: [sees the boat the DEA had issued him] Is this the best you could get me? I should've taken my chances with the Mendez brothers.

Jerry Martinez: Now, Vic, tell me, why did you sign up, huh? To stay out of jail? Because you like getting shouted at, huh? What makes you polish your boots and put bullets in you gun in the hopes that maybe you get to shoot someone, huh? Ha, ha, ha!
Victor 'Vic' Vance: I got a difficult family. I got responsibilities.
Jerry Martinez: What, kids? A broad giving you shit?
Victor 'Vic' Vance: No, brothers. One's real sick. Asthma. And I gotta pay the bills. The other... Well, maybe he's sick too, but in a different way. My mom's a mess.
Jerry Martinez: So you joined the Army to get rich?
Victor 'Vic' Vance: Not exactly. But, you know, my dad, he came here from DR. We didn't have a lot of opportunities. What else was I supposed to do? Why did you join up?
Jerry Martinez: To get rich!

Victor 'Vic' Vance: The reefer is under my bed.
Jerry Martinez: Oh, genius! Great hiding place! What are you, fifteen?

Jerry Martinez: The thing is you work for Phil and Phil... Phil works for me. Which makes you my bitch's bitch. Figure that out.

Jerry Martinez: Ten-hut! Ha, ha! Vic, I swear to God, I thought you were gonna salute me. Toss the gun.
Victor 'Vic' Vance: Fuck you.
Jerry Martinez: Vic, still so uptight. You know what your problem is? You're trying to be the good guy in a bad man's game. Huh, I thought you had potential. Turns out you're just another chump... Like Mendez.
Diego Mendez: Me cago en tu madre!
Jerry Martinez: Oye ese! Que hay de nuevo?
Diego Mendez: Veta a la mierda!
Jerry Martinez: You first.

Jerry Martinez: Listen, if plans change, I'll let you know.
[Hands Vic a pager]
Victor 'Vic' Vance: What's this?
Jerry Martinez: It's a pager, tough guy. Welcome to the 80's, Vic.

Jerry Martinez: Hey, look who it is! Victor Vance! What's going on, amigo? You want some smoke?
Victor 'Vic' Vance: Fuck you, Martinez.
Jerry Martinez: Relax! You're so fucking histrionic. It's like hanging out with a bitch on her period.
Victor 'Vic' Vance: You want me to fuck you up?!
Jerry Martinez: Whatever, baby. The thing is, you work for Phil. And Phil - Phil works for me. Which makes you my bitch's bitch. Figure that out.