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Ricardo Diaz (Character)
from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (2002) (VG)

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (2006) (VG)
[From the trailer]
Ricardo Diaz: At last, someone who isn't the missing link!

Ricardo Diaz: How was she?
Lance Vance: Yeah, good.
Ricardo Diaz: She knows a lot of tricks for such a young girl, eh?
Victor 'Vic' Vance: Lance, you're pathetic.
Ricardo Diaz: Yeah, Quentin. Only took you three minutes.

Lance Vance: Hey, I'm sorry, Ricardo baby, but sometimes brothers get all alpha male on you. You know?
Ricardo Diaz: I know. That's why I killed mine.

Victor 'Vic' Vance: What's going on, Diaz?
Ricardo Diaz: It's time to revenge the death of that girl of yours. and bring the whole Mendez operation down. You want a bump, man?
Victor 'Vic' Vance: No.
Ricardo Diaz: Well, I do.
[Diaz snorts cocaine]
Victor 'Vic' Vance: Ah, Jesus.
Ricardo Diaz: My spies tell me everything. This is that plan. The Army just took delivery of some new attack helicopters. Meanwhile, Diego Mendez thinks he's untouchable just because no one could get him from the ground. So...
Victor 'Vic' Vance: So how about I sneak into the Army base, steal a chopper and use that to attack him?
Ricardo Diaz: Heh, heh, heh! Si, Senior!
Victor 'Vic' Vance: Si, Senior? Are you kidding me? That coke is doing something to you brain, buddy.
[Diaz snorts some more coke]
Ricardo Diaz: No, it just helps me think. And get it on.

Ricardo Diaz: Mendez is Downtown. His place is like a fortress. But this baby, she'll tear the whole building down.
Victor 'Vic' Vance: Great. When I'm done, we're done! Lance and I will owe you nothing.
Ricardo Diaz: When you're done, I'm gonna own this town. It's the American dream. And it's all because of you, Vic. You're a hero!
Victor 'Vic' Vance: No, I'm an asshole. I've spent all my time running around making morons rich while my family fell apart and the woman I wanted died waiting for me to call.
Ricardo Diaz: Woman? You need some porn? I just got in some crazy donkey porn. You'll love it. I'll be finished with it by the time you get back.
Victor 'Vic' Vance: I'm not coming back, Diaz. And I'm not doing this for you. I'm doing it for me!
Ricardo Diaz: Woohoo! Whatever you say, tough guy. I'll see you around! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (2002) (VG)
Ricardo Diaz: Ok, listen up, dickhead. You work for me now.
Tommy Vercetti: I work for money.
Ricardo Diaz: As I said, amigo, you work for me now.
Tommy Vercetti: I work for...
Ricardo Diaz: SHUT UP!

Ricardo Diaz: [to his VCR] Eject!
Ricardo Diaz: Plastic crap! You doing this to me? Who do you think you are, you piece of plastic *shit*? Aaarrgh!
[shoots the VCR]
Ricardo Diaz: [shouts] Screw you!
[Tommy walks in]
Ricardo Diaz: It eats my favorite El Burro movie, it die! What else could I do?
Tommy Vercetti: It's probably not plugged in.
Ricardo Diaz: What?
[Tommy checks, and shows Diaz the unplugged VCR]
Ricardo Diaz: Damn... no matter, I can buy a hundred more.

Ricardo Diaz: [throws down his cellphone and destroys it] These idiots, they're always trying to screw you. That's the problem with this business.
[looks at a vase on a pedestal]
Ricardo Diaz: What do you think YOU'RE doing?
[throws the vase across the room]