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Quotes for
Ramsley (Character)
from The Haunted Mansion (2003)

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The Haunted Mansion (2003)
Ramsley: Damn you. Damn you all to Hell!

Master Gracey: But I loved her. Was love my mistake?
Ramsley: Yes!

[Sara has denied her identity as Elizabeth]
Master Gracey: [On the verge of tears] She doesn't remember! It can't be her!
Ramsley: It is her, sir. The gypsy woman prophesized her return and now the time has come. You'd had best get ready.
Master Gracey: But she doesn't remember!
Ramsley: In time she will, sir. I assure you, she will.

[during the wedding service]
Ramsley: If anyone has any objections...
[Jim bursts in]
Jim: Yeah, I got a few objections!

Ramsley: Tears of joy.

Ramsley: There are worse things than purgatory, madame. I can assure you.

Ramsley: How wonderful. You're going to kill a ghost.

[Ramsley has just revealed what really happened to Elisabeth]
Ramsley: The Master must never know. Edward and his love will be reunited and this curse will be broken.
Jim: That's not her, that's my wife!
Ramsley: And what she sees in you, I'll never know.