Ruby Baker
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Ruby Baker (Character)
from The Glass House (2001)

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The Glass House (2001)
[Ruby is about to change for bed, but her brother, Rhett, is shining a flashlight on her]
Ruby Baker: Will you turn that off and face the wall?
Rhett Clark Baker: [laughing] : Who are you, The Blair Witch?
Ruby Baker: No, I'm worse! Now will you please face the goddamn wall?

[Ruby Baker is nervous about her first day at a new school]
Dr. Erin Madre-Glass: You shouldn't be nervous, Ruby. You're a great kid.
Ruby Baker: It's not about being great. It's about being...
Dr. Erin Madre-Glass: New?
Ruby Baker: 'Middle-of-the-year' new.
Dr. Erin Madre-Glass: Well, there's a little saying that we teach the patients in the pain ward: 'This too shall pass'.
Ruby Baker: [repeating to herself] This too shall pass, this too shall pass.

Rhett Clark Baker: [Ruby is trying to take off Rhett's pants to get him changed] Hey! Stop looking!
Ruby Baker: Yeah! Like there's something to see!

Ruby Baker: Terry?
Terrence 'Terry' Glass: You're not wearing your shoulderbelt.

[first lines]
E.B.: [leaving movie] Scared the living crap out of me!
Ruby Baker: Meryl Streep, that girl was not.
Zoe: Who's Meryl Streep?
Tasha: Oh, Zoe, she's like Katie Holmes to our parents, okay?
E.B.: So, what's next ladies?
Ruby Baker: I have to go home.
E.B.: No!
Ruby Baker: Yeah, make... make that a that a block from home. I can't have another close encounter with my parents. They think I'm home in bed...

Begleiter: With you mom's share of the inheritance, your dad's life insurance, there's more than enough for you and Rhett, for the rest of your lives. There's more than enough for the rest of your lives.
Ruby Baker: Well, then obviously you don't know Rhett.

Rhett Clark Baker: You wanna slow down a little?
Ruby Baker: One thing I learned from Terry - buckle up.

[last lines]
Uncle Jack: Things will get easier from here on.
Ruby Baker: They already have.
Uncle Jack: Let's go home.

Glass House: The Good Mother (2006) (V)
Eve Goode: Never, never go down to the lake without us again.
Abby Snow: Sorry.
Ethan Snow: Sorry.
Eve Goode: You must tell me before you leave. I don't know how things were before but you cannot just go running around by yourselves. You have no idea how dangerous it is here!
Eve Goode: Besides, it's dinner time. Raymond, is the grill ready?

Abby Snow: You're in my way, Eve.
Eve Goode: I'm twice the bitch you think you are.