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Erin Glass (Character)
from The Glass House (2001)

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Glass House: The Good Mother (2006) (V)
Eve Goode: Never, never go down to the lake without us again.
Abby Snow: Sorry.
Ethan Snow: Sorry.
Eve Goode: You must tell me before you leave. I don't know how things were before but you cannot just go running around by yourselves. You have no idea how dangerous it is here!
Eve Goode: Besides, it's dinner time. Raymond, is the grill ready?

Abby Snow: You're in my way, Eve.
Eve Goode: I'm twice the bitch you think you are.

Eve Goode: [lighting candles on the dinner table] I made your favorite.
Raymond Goode: What about the kids' dinner?
Eve Goode: Isn't this perfect?
Raymond Goode: Eve. Honey? Honey, talk to me.
[Eve claps her hands, swatting a fly]
Raymond Goode: It'll be different this time, I promise.
Eve Goode: [softly] Chicken. Peas. Salad. Wine. Perfect.
[sips from her glass]
Eve Goode: Drink your wine, Raymond.

The Glass House (2001)
[Ruby Baker is nervous about her first day at a new school]
Dr. Erin Madre-Glass: You shouldn't be nervous, Ruby. You're a great kid.
Ruby Baker: It's not about being great. It's about being...
Dr. Erin Madre-Glass: New?
Ruby Baker: 'Middle-of-the-year' new.
Dr. Erin Madre-Glass: Well, there's a little saying that we teach the patients in the pain ward: 'This too shall pass'.
Ruby Baker: [repeating to herself] This too shall pass, this too shall pass.

Dr. Erin Madre-Glass: We need your trust, Ruby.

Dr. Erin Madre-Glass: I have a sickness.
Terrence 'Terry' Glass: Yeah, it's called self-pity. Complicated by having no backbone.