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Terry Grouse (Character)
from Five Easy Pieces (1970)

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Five Easy Pieces (1970)
Palm Apodaca: You know, I read where they, uh, invented this car that runs on, ummm... that runs on, ummm... when you boil water?
Terry: Steam.
Palm Apodaca: Right, steam. A car that you could ride around in and not cause a stink. But do you know they will not even let us have it? Can you believe it? Why? Man! He likes to create a stink! I mean, I've seen filth that you wouldn't believe. Ugh! What a stink! I don't even want to talk about it.

Bobby: Where are *you* goin'?
Palm Apodaca: Alaska.
Bobby: Alaska. What are you: on vacation?
Terry: She wants to live there 'cause it's cleaner.
Bobby: Cleaner. Cleaner than what?
Palm Apodaca: You don't have to tell everybody about it. Pretty soon they'll all go there and it won't be so clean.
Bobby: What makes you think it's cleaner?
Palm Apodaca: I saw a picture of it. Alaska's very clean. It appeared to look very white to me. Don't you think?
Bobby: Yep. That was before the big thaw.
Palm Apodaca: Before the what?