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Carol Fitzpatrick (Character)
from "The West Wing" (1999)

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"The West Wing: Hartsfield's Landing (#3.15)" (2002)
Carol Fitzpatrick: Albert von Tilzer?
C.J. Cregg: Ironically, neither of them had ever been to a major league baseball game when they wrote that song. The other song that were famous for was...?
Carol Fitzpatrick: I didn't even know they were famous for that one.
C.J. Cregg: "Shine On, Harvest Moon."

"The West Wing: Bartlet's Third State of the Union (#2.13)" (2001)
Sam Seaborn: Where'd you get the bathrobe?
Carol Fitzpatrick: The gym.
Sam Seaborn: There are bathrobes at the gym?
Claudia Jean 'C.J.' Cregg: In the women's locker room.
Sam Seaborn: But not the men's.
Claudia Jean 'C.J.' Cregg: Yeah.
Sam Seaborn: Now, that's outrageous. There's a thousand men working here and 50 women.
Claudia Jean 'C.J.' Cregg: Yeah, and it's the *bathrobes* that's outrageous.

"The West Wing: Third-Day Story (#6.3)" (2004)
C.J. Cregg: Thanks for that bit about the pens.
Carol: We do our homework.
C.J. Cregg: You misspelled senator!

"The West Wing: An Khe (#5.14)" (2004)
Carol Fitzpatrick: ...and Toby and Josh are in your office.
Claudia Jean 'C.J.' Cregg: What do they want?
Carol Fitzpatrick: To make fun of you I think.
Claudia Jean 'C.J.' Cregg: And you let them in?
Carol Fitzpatrick: And got them coffee!
[in a bright cheery voice]